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Review of Royal Christmas Wishes 2015 in Disneyland Paris

Review of Royal Christmas Wishes 2015 in Disneyland Paris

I never saw the Royal Welcome last year, which consisted of Anna and Elsa sitting in a horse drawn carriage as it cantered past guests with the Arendelle sisters waving. It wasn’t something I actively avoided, but also not something I had as a high priority, especially after meeting them in the Princess Pavilion already on that trip. This year it’s back but we also have something new for Christmas in Disneyland Paris, Royal Christmas Wishes – yes, another show or piece of entertainment that uses the name Wishes. So, courtesy of DLP Welcome, we can watch the newest Wishes; Royal Christmas Wishes.


The stage for this show is not very elaborate, but with Sleeping Beauty Castle behind it doesn’t have to be, because it already has the most beautiful backdrop Disneyland Paris has to offer. Any time the Castle Stage gets used in Disneyland Paris is a bonus, and recently it seems to be getting more use than we’ve seen in some time. I have no idea who the hosts Chris and Eva (Ava?) are, but I’d hazard a guess they are not known in the Disney Universe but unique characters to this show. They do a good job of setting the scene, as we get to see the magic snow globe which makes the Princesses and Princes arrive on stage to join the hosts and dancers.

I won’t embarrass myself by trying to name all the Princes, but for Princesses we have Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, Belle, Ariel and Jasmine – a good selection of characters from 8 very popular films. The couples all dance around the stage, with fountains accompanying the music that combine with the Castle to give a magical little showpiece. On the stage there are various levels, and we see Beauty and Prince Phillip in the middle on the highest level. A small detail, but given it’s Sleeping Beauty Castle behind them, that’s rightfully the spot they should take.

The show lasts around 8 1/2 minutes, so long enough to feel like you are getting a worthy piece of entertainment, and not too long that you’ll freeze in the harsh winter weather. It’s something I personally would only want to see once, but that’s once more than I felt necessary to see it’s predecessor. For fans of characters and every little girl who enters Disneyland Park I can imagine its quite the treat and something to catch at least once of the three times it happens every day. Royal Christmas Wishes is a welcome addition to Disney’s Enchanted Christmas in Disneyland Paris, and I can see this returning next year, maybe with a few tweaks and some Christmas outfits might be nice.