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    Episode 163 – Advent Bobshell

    Christmas is a magical time at DLP and Beth, Vanessa and Marq are getting ready for it by opening the doors of their virtual DLP Advent calendar. Besides the expected holiday fun and an upcoming park trip, you’ll get a somewhat deep dive into the recent, very dramatic, surprise leadership change at the Walt Disney Company. What could it mean for our beloved Disneyland Paris in the future? Well, the team have a few ideas.. Be sure and follow Dedicated to DLP on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. As always, our website…

  • The D2DLP Podcast

    Episode 162 – Live from the Halloween Party 2022

    In this special on-location episode, two foolish mortals of Team D2DLP meet up, for the first time, during the Halloween Party held at Disneyland Paris on the 29th of October 2022.  Marq brings us along on some of the scary rides with his family, and Vanessa expresses her invariable glee and gloom about this year’s first of two ticketed halloween soireés.   A special mention goes out to the host of Vanessa’s excellent lodgings, NC Conciergerie in nearby Serris, a short walk from the park. Marq will discuss his hotel in…

  • The D2DLP Podcast

    Episode 161 – Halloween Party Preview 2022

    The spookiest season is upon us and what better way to start it off than an overview of DLP’s Halloween parties? Beth and Marq talk a bit about previous years and give you all the info and tips you will need to make the most of the 2022 events.  Special characters, Haunted Zones, shows, snacks, themed meals and more!  Even if you can’t make it to this year’s parties, you’ll enjoy getting a dose of the chilling, creepy and fun magic of Halloween at Disneyland Paris! Don’t forget to follow Dedicated…

  • The D2DLP Podcast

    Episode 160 – Cocktails & Bin Liners

    This month’s episode includes news about a brand new upcoming attraction at DLP, Eurostar shenanigans and a trip report from Vanessa, outlining her big birthday trip to the parks.  Both cocktails and bin liners are featured and do not disappoint. So join Emily, Beth, Marq and Vanessa for some Disneyland Paris magic!  Also-remember to follow D2DLP on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on our website: Download the latest D2DLP podcast episode!

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    Episode 159 – MAC Preview/Review and Best/Worst DLP Queues

    The D2DLP’s own Fab Four are together again! Join Emily, Beth, Vanessa and Marq as they discuss current DLP news and go over the results of our listeners’ poll of Best and Worst Queues. Of course, Beth gives the details of the recent MAC preview weekend she attended.  Is Avengers Assembled all it’s cracked up to be? Is WEB Adventure any good? How is the food? All this and more is discussed, as well as Vanessa’s strong feelings about spiders of any description. As always, you can get your DLP fix…

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    Episode 158 – Hot Tips for Staying Cool at DLP

    Beth and Marq are here with ideas on how to keep cool on those long, hot (but very fun!) days at Disneyland Paris. They also have a movie review, a book recommendation AND some very big news about a very special event coming up in July.  PLUS, you’ll learn all about how crafty wildlife can help YOU with your travel planning. Sounds mysterious? Well, you’ll just have to have a listen to find out what we mean! Remember to follow Dedicated to DLP on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the…