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    184: Worlds of Frozen

    What can we expect in our Frozen land, The Kingdom of Arendelle, when it opens in Disneyland Paris sometime in 2025? Well, there was a great preview this week from Hong Kong Disneyland, which opened its World of Frozen on the 20th of Novemvber 2023. With Tokyo Disney Resort  following in June 2024, a smaller Frozen land as part of their Fantasy Springs expansion, Marq and Beth carefully examine the evidence and weigh the possibilities against their own chaos of speculations. Join us on this ride through a wormhole and back…

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    183: Winter Wonders

    A chill is in the air, but spirits are warm and cozy as the D2DLP team contemplate the delights of wintertime at Disneyland Paris. In this info-packed episode, you’ll get all the details of the 2023 Enchanted Christmas season, as well as the special passholder night planned for November 30, 2023. The January 2024 schedule is also covered, including the new Symphony of Colours experiences.  Vanessa shares her top tips for keeping warm when the parks get frosty and Marq coaches everyone on how to get the best photos when snow…

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    182: Spooky Reviews

    D2DLP hosts Marq, Beth and Vanessa all love Disneyland Paris. But some people seem to find it full of terrifying food, soulless cast members and lackluster attractions. Harsh? Maybe. Funny? Definitely!  So why not join in as our intrepid trio wade into the spookiest depths of Disneyland Paris park reviews? Just FYI, the D2DLP Ghost Host  says that for a top-notch listening experience, enjoy this episode with a good pair of stereo headphones! Remember to follow D2DLP on Instagram, Facebook and The Dreaded X. All listener mail can be sent to…

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    181: Chillin with the Villains

    Halloween season is upon us once again, and following the Villanous Night at Disneyland Paris we tell tales of evil encounters and run down our top 3 Disney Villains, in movies and at DLP. Vanessa makes a radiant return to the show, now as a full-time mum, we attempt to answer another listener question, and of course we relay the main news items from the past 2 weeks.  For those of you who have asked following our discussions about accommodations around Disneyland Paris, here’s the link to NC Conciergerie, our favoured…

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    180: Only Royals in the Building?

    Winter 2024, a majestic building that stood uninhabited for 3 years will once again open its gates. But many questions remain unanswered. That’s why Beth and Marq link up across continents, an entire ocean and endless fields of cows to bring you this very special edition full of news and royal enlightenment, as the veil has finally been lifted on… concept art and details for the renovated Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris. We even answer one of your questions about Meal Plans! Buckle up (the ones on your velvet shoes of…

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    179: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Out! Part 3

    Want to visit Disneyland Paris, but not fussed about having the Disney stamp of approval on your lodgings? Marq, Vanessa and Beth are here to take you through the good, the bad and the ugly of non-partner, off-site hotels.  This is the third (and final!) epsiode of their series on all the options available for stays in and around DLP. You’ll also hear about an upcoming, delightfully evil new park event coming up in September and other bits of assorted news from the summer news desk here at D2DLP. Download the…