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    172: Sassy Raccoons + Fans of Wonder: Arvid

    In this episode we welcome Arvid from Travel to the Magic in our ongoing Fans of Wonder series, celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary. Arvid’s an avid traveller who together with his wife has been to all the Disney Parks around the world, so a great way to get his opinion on how Disneyland Paris stacks up against the rest. Before that we bring you the latest DLP news which includes spicy rangers and sassy raccoons, even there where you wouldn’t expect them.  Join Vanessa, Beth and Marq every two weeks for the…

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    171: Dreams! Gala! Action! + Fans of Wonder – Stuart

    If you’re looking for an introduction episode to the Dedicated to Disneyland Paris podcast, this would probably be a great one to start with. It’s a whole journey starting with Beth, Marq and Vanessa actually meeting up live at Market House Deli on Main Street U.S.A., discussing that very special Gala Dinner event for DLP and D23 fans on the 12th of April 2023, followed by the return of Disney Dreams! And if that wasn’t enough to fill your ears with Disneyland Paris magic, we’ve also got a wonderful conversation in…

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    170: Fans of Wonder – Capturing Disney Parks Niels

    As you know Disney is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and Team Dedicated to DLP want to mark this in our own way by chatting with other Disneyland Paris and Disney fans about their connection with the parks, the community and the company. And here it is, the first installment of our Fans of Wonder series, which kicks with a very special guest indeed. Niels from Capturing Disney Parks and co-host of the Air Magique podcast joins Vanessa and Beth to talk about what it means to be a Disney…

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    169: Do You Want to Build a Theme Land?

    Does the idea of a new land (or two!) at Walt Disney Studios make your heart sing? If so, that’s music to our ears, as the D2DLP team is here this episode with some ideas about the future of that big space at the back of the park.  As always, there is a bit of recent news, including the visit of Disney company brass to the French parks. And we also mark the passing of Disney Legend Rolly Crump.  Crump was featured in episode 1 of “The Imagineering Story” on Disney…

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    168: A DLP Walk on the Mild Side

    Feeling not so fast and not terribly furious? We have you covered! This episode, Beth, Marq and Vanessa discuss how to enjoy a Disneyland Paris trip at a more leisurely, non-thrill-seeking pace. We all know people who won’t or can’t go do loops on Space Mountain but there is no reason for them to forgo a fab trip to DLP! The team gives suggestions for attractions, locations and shows that deliver fun without delivering an over the top adrenaline rush. There are also tips on which rides seem mild, but actually…

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    167: All Day Chakalaka

    Big news on the restaurant front at DLP these days and Marq, Vanessa and Beth are here with the latest info. There is a lot to get through, from a new menu at Hakuna Matata to the total transformation of a classic Disney Village dining spot.  Luckily , this episode they have help from a very special “guest”.    If you enjoyed this installment, please leave a review/stars for it on your podcast app. It helps feed the all-important algorithm and steers other DLP fans this way! Also please remember to…