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    189: Pardon My French, Sam4God

    Bienvenue Dedicated to DLP fans, we’ve got a wonderful episode for you. Hot on the heels of the Disneyland Hotel Paris re-opening, we welcome a very special guest who has not only stayed there but is one of the most prolific and joyous Disney vloggers of our community, Samar aka Sam4God! In a wide-ranging discussion we look at her journey as a Disneyland Paris fan, her in-depth travel vlogs including to Tokyo Disney Resort, and how she manages to keep briniging the content we all crave. She’s open, honest and enlightening…

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    188: Disneyland Hotel Paris – C’est Magnifique?

    Bienvenue dear listeners! We are honoured to welcome you into our sonic soundcsape of opulence as we discuss the re-opening of the Disneyland Hotel Paris. Join your host Marq, concierge Beth and sommelier Vanessa to hear all about the newly re-imagined 5-star hotel above the entrance gates of Disneyland Park. We also have a very special dispatch sent in by our guest-host Stuart from DLP Tips for Irish who actually stayed there on Day One, and we read listener letters from Lara and Alexandra. There are some very useful tips for…

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    187: First Visit of 2024

    January 2024, Disney Electrical Sky Parade makes its first ever glorious appearance above Sleeping Beauty’s castle and Beth was there to witness it and give us her verdict. Don’t worry, we will give you spoiler warnings when we start discussing it, even Vanessa took her headphones off for that bit. But that’s only a small part of this episode which is so full of our agents’ experiences at Disneyland Paris during the first days of the new year, including cocktails, corn dogs, cold snowy flurries and even leftover christmas spirits! Did…

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    186: LOL Holiday Jamboree

    Christmas is nearly here and team D2DLP is keeping things extra festive with a deep dive into the listener mailbag.  It turns out that people are in fact listening, and they have questions. Lots of questions. These include, but are not limited to:  Where is the best fireworks viewing spot? What is a fun place at DLP for having a cocktail? What the heck is a jamboree? Why is that restaurant over there on fire?   Marq, Beth and Vanessa answer these ” burning ” questions to the best of their collective abilities…

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    185 – Cozy Christmas Vibes

    Vanessa, Beth and Marq try to maintain the cozy christmas vibes during this episode of the Dedicated to Disneyland Paris podcast which covers some bits and uncovers others. We’re being vague on purpose so as not to attract attention, even though Vanessa vehemently denies she and her 3-month old baby are spies. There is DLP news and we do indeed talk Christmas, so the tile is justified. Send us an email at if you know how to say “The Muppets” in French, and we will start a campaign to get…

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    184: Worlds of Frozen

    What can we expect in our Frozen land, The Kingdom of Arendelle, when it opens in Disneyland Paris sometime in 2025? Well, there was a great preview this week from Hong Kong Disneyland, which opened its World of Frozen on the 20th of Novemvber 2023. With Tokyo Disney Resort  following in June 2024, a smaller Frozen land as part of their Fantasy Springs expansion, Marq and Beth carefully examine the evidence and weigh the possibilities against their own chaos of speculations. Join us on this ride through a wormhole and back…