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    179: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Out! Part 3

    Want to visit Disneyland Paris, but not fussed about having the Disney stamp of approval on your lodgings? Marq, Vanessa and Beth are here to take you through the good, the bad and the ugly of non-partner, off-site hotels.  This is the third (and final!) epsiode of their series on all the options available for stays in and around DLP. You’ll also hear about an upcoming, delightfully evil new park event coming up in September and other bits of assorted news from the summer news desk here at D2DLP. Download the…

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    178: Throw Another Mouse on the Barbie

    Welcome to the Dream House…of Mouse! Marq and Beth are here with the latest Disneyland Paris news and also their hot takes on one of this summer’s coolest films. You’ll also get to hear about how Mattel, Barbie and Disneyland Paris came together for a brief, glorious moment back in the 1990s. Also- last episode’s talk of annual passes sparked some listener feedback. Have a listen as we read out some mail and and see what you think! As always, you can find Dedicated to DLP on Instagram, Facebook, and the…

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    177: Pass, Present & Future? + Fans of Wonder- Jens from Mausgebabbel

    Out with the old and in with the new! A fresh line of annual passes for Disneyland Paris has just launched, sweeping away all that came before,  and the D2DLP team is here to walk you through it all. This episode also has a fun interview with the soothing voice behind the legendary Mousegebabbel podcast- Jens! He has lots of interesting things to say about the US and Japanese parks and how Paris stacks up.  You won’t want to miss this one!  Download the latest D2DLP podcast episode!

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    176: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Out! Part 2

    We continue our guide of the Disneyland Paris area accommodation options with Part 2: The Partner Hotels. Off-property, but official, these are places that are a little further afield, but still let you book packages with park tickets. Beth, Marq and Vanessa will also talk about the latest park news, as well as more listener feedback.  Please join Dedicated to Disneyland Paris on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Any comments can be sent to us at   Download the latest D2DLP podcast episode!

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    175: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Out! Part I

    You know what they say at closing time on Main Street, USA- You don’t have to go home, but you can’t sleep here! (though those beds up in the Robinson Family Treehouse do look comfy!) The fact is, there is loads of choice as to where to stay during your Disneyland Paris. Luckily, the D2DLP team is here to help. This episode is a full guide to the on-property, official, owned by Disney hotels at DLP. These are the ones that keep you “in the bubble”, surrounded by Disney magic. Beth,…

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    174: Baby Magic & Fans of Wonder – chatDisney

    This episode is a very special guide for all you moms and mothers to be who want to be at DLP. What are the perks when you’re pregnant, what should you avoid? Where is the Baby Care center? We also have the perfect companions for this show, Mercedes and Tash from chatDisney, who are our Fans of Wonder. You will not be dissapointed, even as a prospective baby dad!   Join Vanessa, Beth and Marq every two weeks for the Dedicated to DLP podcast by subscribing to the show on your…