• Disney’s Enchanted Christmas 2018 in Disneyland Paris – All You Need To Know, Thoughts and Advice
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    Disney’s Enchanted Christmas 2018 in Disneyland Paris – All You Need To Know

    I adore both Christmas and Disneyland Paris, so the combination of the two together is just perfect for me. I’ve actually been lucky to enough to visit Disneyland Paris 9 times at Christmas, and this will be only the 2nd time in the last 8 years that I’ve not been there at some point over the festive period. That doesn’t stop me being interested in what is happening, and with Disneyland Paris having made public their Christmas season press release, it’s time to dive in and take a look. The parts…

  • Disneyland Paris Christmas 2017
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    Disneyland Paris Review: Christmas 2017

    A few weeks ago I wrote an article covering the things I was looking forward to on our upcoming Christmas trip to Disneyland Paris. We have been back a week, and though I miss it every day, I think it’s time to get my thoughts down on, well not paper, this website!   Disneyland Paris Christmas 2017 – Decorations BLUE! That was my first impression of the decorations as I walked under Main Street Station towards Town Square. I knew I was going to see a blue tree or two, but…

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    Top 10 Things I’m Looking Forward to in Disneyland Paris This Christmas

    As I write this article (started onday 27th at 2.30pm), I am 4 days away from being back in Disneyland Paris. In fact, we would have arrived at the train station 30 minutes ago, so by now, everything going to plan, we’ll have dropped our bags off at the front gate and be in Disneyland Park, ready to experience Christmas 2017 in Disneyland Paris. Though Christmas is obviously a huge part of why we are going in early December, it’s not the only thing I’m looking forward to. So let’s crack…

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    Disneyland Paris News: Meet Anna & Elsa at Dinner….for €199! They Need To Be In The Parks Too, Now!

    No doubt you’ve heard the latest news that for the first time in almost a year, you can actually meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen in Disneyland Paris. However, it is not in the Princess Pavilion in Disneyland Park like it was last Christmas, it is part of a special dinner party on 26th and 28th December that will cost you €199 per adult and €89 per child, with 20% off for annual pass holders. The official press release is as follows: Be among the lucky few to meet Anna and…

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    Review of Royal Christmas Wishes 2015 in Disneyland Paris

    I never saw the Royal Welcome last year, which consisted of Anna and Elsa sitting in a horse drawn carriage as it cantered past guests with the Arendelle sisters waving. It wasn’t something I actively avoided, but also not something I had as a high priority, especially after meeting them in the Princess Pavilion already on that trip. This year it’s back but we also have something new for Christmas in Disneyland Paris, Royal Christmas Wishes – yes, another show or piece of entertainment that uses the name Wishes. So, courtesy…

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    Review of Mickey’s Magical Christmas Lights 2015 in Disneyland Paris

    Nothing can really compare to being in Disneyland Paris to experience the magic in person, but as that didn’t happen for me this Christmas season (you can read why here), I’m left with watching videos and forming my opinion from those. Luckily DLPGuide.com was there, and it is those videos I am using to do these reviews. Starting with the new Mickey’s Magical Christmas Lights, I’ll let you watch it yourself, then we can talk. httpvh://youtu.be/JNiicZnFUPc Before I start on the new 2015 version, read my thoughts on the 2013 version,…