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Disneyland Paris News: Meet Anna & Elsa at Dinner….for €199! They Need To Be In The Parks Too, Now!

Disneyland Paris News: Meet Anna & Elsa at Dinner....for €199! They Need To Be In The Parks Too, Now!

No doubt you’ve heard the latest news that for the first time in almost a year, you can actually meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen in Disneyland Paris. However, it is not in the Princess Pavilion in Disneyland Park like it was last Christmas, it is part of a special dinner party on 26th and 28th December that will cost you €199 per adult and €89 per child, with 20% off for annual pass holders. The official press release is as follows:

Be among the lucky few to meet Anna and Elsa in person at a private dinner party glazed in royal pixie dust!
Swoosh into the once in an ice age winter wonderland at the Disney’s Hotel New York’s grand ballroom where the sensational sisters from Arendelle will sing up a storm for two enchanting evenings. December 26th and 28th only, Disneyland® Paris will really let it glow… adding extra sparkle to the year-end holidays with an exclusive offer for Disney® Hotel guests. For the first time in forever, the Frozen stars will host a glistening gala that’s sure to sweep you off your feet. So give your family the gift of an unforgettable encounter with the season’s most heart-warming princesses as they bring the dazzling décor and boreal banquet to life! To boost the flurry of thrills, Mickey & Minnie will also strut their festive stuff amidst the blizzard of musical merriment. But the icing on this frosty cake is the complementary photo your kids will receive to crystalize the magic forever! Don’t miss out on Olaf the incomparable delights, LookWhatsCool has it all covered – book your Royal Frozen Gala Dinner Night today!
*The event has limited capacity.

To book the event, call us at 08448 008 898* (Monday to Friday 9.00am – 8.00pm, Saturday 9.00am – 6.00pm – Sunday 10.00am – 5.30pm).


18h00 / 21h30 : Opening of doors – Placement of each family at tables
18h15 / 21h45 : Anna and Elsa opening sequence on stage + VIP’s welcome
Meet and Greet Anna & Elsa
Meet and Greet Mickey & Minnie
19h00 / 22h30 : Live singer (« Let it go »)
19h15 / 22h45 : Meet and Greet Mickey & Minnie
19h45 / 23h15 : Anna and Elsa closing sequence on stage
20h00 / 23h30 : End of all meet and greets – Clearance of diner


  • Special Opening / Closing sequences with Anna & Elsa on stage
  • Meet’n’Greet : with Anna & Elsa in a separate room + 1 printed picture of Anna & Elsa
  • Mickey & Minnie + 2 other VIP Characters (tbc)
  • Children workshop themed on Frozen (Magnetic Badges + Princess Jewelry)
  • Merchandise opportunity (inspired by Princess of a Day experience)
  • Buffet Dinner with 1 drink included (menu in progress)


  • Ice blue ambience of Elsa’s world
  • Let it Go sung by a singer
  • Video projection to provide a decor for photo locations

I’m not here to complain about the price of the meal, because there’s a lot going on, though for a family of 2 parents and 3 children you are looking at €665, which is a lot. What I am here to address is the lack of Anna and Elsa to meet in Disneyland Park. They were part of the Christmas season in 2014 but did not return as a meet and greet attraction this past summer, during Frozen Summer Fun, and have also not returned for Christmas in 2015. According to Senior Show Director Katy Harris back in May, the lines were extremely long to meet Anna and Elsa and it was too crazy. So a meet and greet with arguably the two most popular stars of any Disney film in years was really popular and everyone wanted to be part of it, right? So instead of making it work, having a different location for it, maybe having multiple locations, letting the guest decide if they wanted to queue or not, they just gave up and stopped it.

I’m sorry, but this is the Disneyland Paris that came up with incredible Disney Dreams! and Ratatouille: The Adventure in the past few years, and you are telling me they can’t organise a meet and greet because the lines would be too long? That’s utterly ridiculous. This Christmas saw the return of the Frozen sing-along show, along with the Royal Welcome which also features Anna and Elsa. Just think how effective a marketing campaign that showcased the show AND an opportunity to meet the sisters would be, both for summer and Christmas. Imagine how many pictures would be shared and stories told, of being being able to meet the two characters that have transcended the Disney Universe into popular culture like no other. No, the only way anyone can get a photo with them in Disneyland Paris is to pay for this meal experience. Don’t want to wait in line? That’s okay, we’ll do away with lines, we’ll do away with the public meet and greet, and we’ll only give you the opportunity to meet Anna and Elsa at this nice dinner, but only if you pay almost as much money as it would cost to fly to America where you can meet Anna and Elsa without any kind of elitist barriers in the way.

This needs to change, and it needs to change now. How many more characters will only be accessible for meet and greets behind pay walls in the future? Disneyland Paris did so well to give guests everything they possible could during the tragic times immediately following the terror attacks in Paris, and a lot of those experiences involved characters. This however is a huge step back. I always try to see the positive in every situation, and have been called out on it in the past, but not this time. Charge more for nicer hotel rooms – fine. Pay more for top quality meals – fine. Pay more to meet the two characters that everyone wants to meet and we have been able to previously – not fine at all, not even close. Characters should not been seen as a chargeable upgrade, not under any circumstances. Keep the meal experience with the Anna and Elsa meet by all means, but only if you bring back the ability to meet them in the Parks too.