• Disney’s Enchanted Christmas 2018 in Disneyland Paris – All You Need To Know, Thoughts and Advice
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    Disney’s Enchanted Christmas 2018 in Disneyland Paris – All You Need To Know

    I adore both Christmas and Disneyland Paris, so the combination of the two together is just perfect for me. I’ve actually been lucky to enough to visit Disneyland Paris 9 times at Christmas, and this will be only the 2nd time in the last 8 years that I’ve not been there at some point over the festive period. That doesn’t stop me being interested in what is happening, and with Disneyland Paris having made public their Christmas season press release, it’s time to dive in and take a look. The parts…

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    Chewbacca is Coming to DLP for Legends of the Force: A Celebration of Star Wars – Is it Enough and What About Star Wars Weekends?

    Remember previously when there was a ton of advertising for Star Wars Season of the Force in Disneyland Paris, and front and centre was Chewbacca, who appeared to be meeting people? Yeah, that one, which preceded the season where you couldn’t actually meet Chewbacca. Well, surprise! Not only is the season returning in 2019, with the new name of Legends of the Force: A Celebration of Star Wars, but you can meet Chewbacca. This is great news, both because meeting Chewie is amazing, as he gives the best hugs, and also…

  • CinéMagique is Coming Back to Disneyland Paris - The Good, The Bad and George
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    CinéMagique is Coming Back to Disneyland Paris – The Good, The Bad and George

    On Thursday Disneyland Paris sent an image to their InsidEars group, and that image was of CinéMagique, with the words returning soon on it. CinéMagique Returning – The Good This is such good news! CinéMagique is one of the greatest attractions in Disneyland Paris history. I rate it so highly that it’s a top 5 attraction for me, and my favourite in the whole of Walt Disney Studios. It’s an emotional storyline that cleverly takes you through the history of cinema, with some clever special effects and a lead character that…

  • Disneyland Paris introduces the Disney Access One FastPass and Why It's Such a Great Idea
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    Disneyland Paris Introduces the Disney Access One FastPass and Why It’s Such a Great Idea

    As things have a habit of doing, social media blew up a little bit yesterday when Disneyland Paris announced their new Access One FastPass. In their own words, this is what it entails: Starting July 24th until September 30th, Disneyland Paris will propose to its guests the Disney Access One to make the most of Summer! Always looking for new means to meet guests’ expectations, Disneyland Paris introduces this new service which will allow them to speedily hop on one of our most popular attractions* whenever they wish, with no time…

  • The Mysterious Chronicle Photo Location at The Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris
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    New Phantom Manor Photo Location in Disneyland Paris – What Is It and Do We Want More?

    You may or may not know, but Phantom Manor is currently closed for refurbishment, one that will see some of the original Vincent Price audio come back, reveal the identity of the Phantom and presumably a lot more. So for now, you can’t experience Phantom Manor. However, from June 18th, you have a rather unique photo opportunity that will see you walk away with a very special souvenir. Here’s the official text from Disneyland Paris: Ghosts have been seen escaping from the Ravenswood Manor. James Collins Esq. the Thunder Mesa photographer,…

  • Disneyland Hotel in Disneyland Paris
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    The Disneyland Hotel in Disneyland Paris is Getting a Big Update – What Will Change?

    One of the many news items revealed at last Friday’s InsidEars launch is that Disneyland Hotel is getting a renovation in 2020 and it doesn’t sound like it’s just a bit of TLC. It was announced that designs have been shown to incumbent CEO Catherine which she called amazing. This comes off the back of renovations and rethemes to all the other on site hotels (I still don’t class Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch as on site even if Disneyland Paris do, as it’s further from the resort than all the off…