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Chewbacca is Coming to DLP for Legends of the Force: A Celebration of Star Wars – Is it Enough and What About Star Wars Weekends?

Remember previously when there was a ton of advertising for Star Wars Season of the Force in Disneyland Paris, and front and centre was Chewbacca, who appeared to be meeting people? Yeah, that one, which preceded the season where you couldn’t actually meet Chewbacca. Well, surprise! Not only is the season returning in 2019, with the new name of Legends of the Force: A Celebration of Star Wars, but you can meet Chewbacca. This is great news, both because meeting Chewie is amazing, as he gives the best hugs, and also because the advertising now doesn’t leave people wanting more. Well, not as much,  anyway.


I’m pleased that they,ve added another character to the meet and greet opportunities for Season, no, Legends of the Force, but a few more would be nice and really should be on offer. They say there are more surprises to come, so there could be more character meets to be announced. I just hope they are meets for everyone to experience without having to buy into an expensive meal option, as was the case with Marvel Summer of Super Heroes. They are also adding Boba Fett and BB-8 to the stage show which is a good move, but how about adding them to the meet and greet line up too? Both are huge fan favourites of their respective eras and would be massively popular meets.

So, the Star Wars offering is getting ever so slightly bigger at DLP, and we have Star Wars Land coming with the new Walt Disney Studios expansion, which is huge, but I want more! I know that sounds really greedy, but for years I watched footage online of Star Wars Weekends in the American parks and I still long to see them in Disneyland Paris. I know I’m not alone in this, as whenever I mention it online, which is often, a lot of people are in agreement. You just have to look at the Star Wars Celebration Europe events to see how popular Star Wars is, not that the world’s most popular and enduring film franchise really needs to prove itself. A lot of the actors and props are based in Europe, and the stage in front of Tower of Terror is perfect for a lot of the shows they put on. Now we have Disneyland Paris under the ownership of The Walt Disney Company, who own Star Wars. So please, give Disneyland Paris Star Wars Weekends, and us fans who can’t get to the American Parks, the opportunity to combine our love for both Disney Parks and Star Wars in this most unique and enjoyable way.

Whatever does or doesn’t happen, adding Chewbacca as a meetable character in Disneyland Paris for Legends of the Force: A Celebration of Star Wars is a great move and one that will be welcomed by everyone in attendance. I just wish the timing was a bit better for me as that’s a time of year I rarely visit. I say rarely, I’ve never been at that time. The February half term week would work with my son being at school, but the cold always puts us off. My family didn’t cope so well with the temperature in December last year, and February is decidedly chillier, so it would be me going solo. I’m just not sure I could manage the cold either, as much as I’d really like to give it a try sometime. It’s a season that is tailor-made for me, so maybe multiple layers of thermals and the promise of a hug from Chewbacca could get me through a visit tp Disneyland Paris during Star Wars Legends of the Force?   Maybe! May The Force Be With You, always.