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June 2016’s Disney Performing Arts Concerts in Disneyland Paris

When I first visited Disneyland Paris in 2002 we stayed in the Hotel Cheyenne, and whilst walking to our room we saw a bunch of teens with hoodies on, all bearing the name of a performance arts school. They were such a happy and lively bunch that we decided to check out when and where they were performing and saw them put on a great performance on what used to be the Fantasy Festival Stage, now Meet Mickey Mouse. They were just one of many schools and performance arts clubs performing that summer, as part of the long tradition of Disney Performing Arts in Disney Parks.

As the years went on I noticed this happening less and less, especially when we lost the Fantasy Festival Stage, so it comes with much delight that we see before us a whole month of such performances. Even better, especially for those performing, is that they will be on the Royal Castle Stage for the most part. There is no better stage in Disneyland Paris than the one whose backdrop is Sleeping Beauty Castle – what a thrill and an honour, and great for us guests too. A few of them will be pre parade performances which is quite something, and towards the end of the month there are two performances in CineMagique – I wonder if George will be in the audience and will make himself known?

Disney Performing Arts Onstage

DateGroup NameCountryVenueTypeShow Time
10-Jun-15St Philomena’s Catholic High School for GirlsEnglandRoyal Castle Stagechoir11h00
13-Jun-15Popvox ChoirUnited KingdomRoyal Castle Stagechoir11h00
16-Jun-15Fraserburgh Royal Brittish Legion Pipe BandScotlandParque Disneylandpre parade17h00
17-Jun-15Royal Holloway Gospel ChoirUnited KingdomRoyal Castle Stagechoir11h00
18-Jun-15City of London School for GirlsUnited KingdomRoyal Castle Stageorchestra and choir11h00
21-Jun-15The Euro Tour Project 2015SwedenRoyal Castle Stageorchestra, choir and dance10h30
21-Jun-15Salendine Nook SchoolUnited KingdomRoyal Castle Stagechoir12h30
22-Jun-15Voices in UnityNorthern IrelandRoyal Castle Stagechoir11h00
22-Jun-15Krokstad OG Solberg SkolekorpsNorwayDisneyland Parkpre parade17h00
23-Jun-15Lambrook School ChoirUnited KingdomRoyal Castle Stagechoir11h00
24-Jun-15Virgo Fidelis Junior ChoirUnited KingdomRoyal Castle Stagechoir11h00
25-Jun-15CapellaNorthern IrelandRoyal Castle Stagechoir10h30
25-Jun-15Huddersfield New College Dance and Musical TheatreUnited KingdomRoyal Castle Stagemusical theatre12h30
25-Jun-15Aasen SkolekorpsNorwayDisneyland Parkpre parade17h00
26-Jun-15Bridgend County Symphonic BrassUnited KingdomRoyal Castle Stageorchestra11h00
27-Jun-15Electric Youth and Boston ShowbandEstados Unidos de AméricaRoyal Castle Stageorchestra and choir10h30
27-Jun-15FB KorpsenThe NetherlandsRoyal Castle Stageorchestra12h30
27-Jun-15FB KorpsenThe NetherlandsDisneyland Parkpre parade17h00
28-Jun-15Electric Youth and Boston ShowbandUnited States of AmericaRoyal Castle Stageorchestra and choir10H30
28-Jun-15Electric Youth and Boston ShowbandUnited States of AmericaRoyal Castle Stageorchestra and choir11h30
30-Jun-15Friends School Big Band and ChoirEnglandCinémagiqueorchestra and choir10h30
30-Jun-15Eastbrook School Performing ArtsEnglandCinémagiquemusical theatre12h30

This is what is set for June, and be aware that performances are subject to change or cancellation without notice, and hopefully they will continue on into July and the rest of summer. As the weather worsens it gets a big more difficult, as the conditions will make it difficult to use the Royal Castle Stage. Definitely something worth seeing if your trip coincides with these performances, and you may even be one of the lucky ones going on stage.