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2010 DIS Forum Disneyland Paris Awards Results: Best Snack Outlet

Casey’s Corner (32%)

Casey's Corner in Disneyland Paris

2nd= Cable Car Bake Shop (19%)
3= Market House Deli (11%)
3= Toad Hall Restaurant (11%)
5= Coolpost (5%)
5= Fuente Del Oro (5%)
5= Videopolis (5%)
5= The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour (5%)
5= Colonel Haithi’s Pizza Outpost (5%)
5= Restaurant Hakuna Matata (5%)

Not sure all of these are strictly snack outlets, but hey, interpretation is in the mind of the beholder – or something like that! I voted for Casey’s Corner and visitors to this blog will know that I regularly attempt to recreate the magic of a Casey’s Corner Hotdog at home. I’m also a big fan of the Cable Car Bake Shop and in the summer we used to stop there for a chocolate trip cookie and ice freeze drink, which became affectionately known as ‘cookie and brain freeze’.