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Disneyland Paris Rumour: Characters to Return to Onsite Hotels at Christmas

You guessed it, @DisneylandBerry is at it again, and this time with some news that will make a lot of people very happy.

It was in November last year that we got the news that characters were being removed from onsite hotels for meet and greets, and less than a year later it seems that is about to change, again. I’d be interested to know the reasoning for the change.

Rumour has it that one of the reasons for their removal was Disneyland Paris not being happy with people staying offsite but coming into the hotels for meet and greets in the mornings. Either they’ve changed their mind or they will have some sort of control in place to make sure it is only hotel guests able to meet the characters. They could ask to see people’s hotel pass before allowing hem to the meet the characters, though that could lead to some not so Disney scenes if people aren’t hotel guests or don’t have their pass with them. Then again, rules are rules!

Dedicated to DLP meet Mickey Mouse (Joe on the left,  Steve on the right)

The timing of Christmas to Spring could mean the decision is solely based on the weather being colder at that time, and giving people who don’t get up at the crack of dawn, or have lots of kids to deal with, the opportunity too meet characters in the comfort and warmth of their hotel. As much as I used to not be much of a character guy, it’s always nice to walk down to the foyer and grab a quick photo with Mickey, or whoever else is there.

It could simply be that they made a mistake and want the characters back, for anyone who wants to meet them, though if that were the case then why would they not be there from Spring onwards? Post Christmas to Spring is probably the most off peak season in Disneyland Paris, and the coldest, so getting hotel occupancy up in that period is always going to be a priority. Why do it at Christmas too? Because that’s a season, arguably more than any other, that gets the most publicity, so a perfect time to get the word out. That and it’s cold! Yes, as you’ve probably guessed, I’m no fan of the cold, but I do brave it to visit Disneyland Paris for any as many Christmas seasons as possible!

So, characters back in onsite hotels at Disneyland Paris – good, band, don’t care and the big question, will it include Descent of the Stairs in Disneyland Hotel and will the extra characters remain in the Parks during Extra Magic Hours?