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When real life reminds you of Disneyland Paris

A few days ago I decided to have a stroll around the industrial state near where I work and take some photographs of the factories. It wasn’t until I got back and started looking through the photos that I realised that one of them looked a bit like Space Mountain, even with a hole in the clouds where a rocket could be fired through. See what you think…

A factory in London or Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris?

Here’s a photo of the actual Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris, taken when I visited in July 2005:

Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris

This is what Factory Mountain would look like with a darkened sky and as part of a Discoveryland postcard – a very quick mock up that is:

Factory Mountain on Discoveryland Postcard from Disneyland Paris

I’m now on a quest to find more things in every day life that I see around my area or places I visit that remind me of Disneyland Paris and I ask you to do the same, and if you can think of some already then send a photo into and I’ll feature them in a follow up article. The Disney Store doesn’t count!

A bit similar, I wrote this post last year about famous landmarks that reminded me of Disneyland Paris attractions and adited some photos to show Disneyland Paris attractions in their place, like this photo of The Phantom Taj Mahal:

The Phantom Taj Mahal