• Big Changes Are Coming to Disney Village in Disneyland Paris - What Will Change and What Will Be Added?
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    Big Things Are Coming to Disney Village – Changes and New Ideas

    For me, the most exciting thing to come out of the InsidEars event was finally confirming that a big redevelopment of Disney Village is planned. A few years ago I noticed someone with the job title of VP of Disney Village Development, or something like that, so ever since I’ve been hoping that wasn’t just a vanity title and big things were being planned. Adding Five Guys and Vapiano does nothing for me, and having them hidden around the corner from the main strip does little to change the atmosphere of…

  • Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Paris at Night
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    The 9 Things I miss Most When I’m Not In Disneyland Paris

    I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve said “I miss Disneyland Paris” and I’m sure you have too, and so have the many people I see using the same phrase all over social media. But that’s an all encompassing phrase, which could cover all number of things, so what exactly is it I miss about Disneyland Paris when I’m not there? Disneyland Paris Music This is probably the thing that evokes that greatest emotional response when outside of the parks. A piece of music made especially for or one…

  • Disneyland Hotel in Disneyland Paris
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    The Disneyland Hotel in Disneyland Paris is Getting a Big Update – What Will Change?

    One of the many news items revealed at last Friday’s InsidEars launch is that Disneyland Hotel is getting a renovation in 2020 and it doesn’t sound like it’s just a bit of TLC. It was announced that designs have been shown to incumbent CEO Catherine which she called amazing. This comes off the back of renovations and rethemes to all the other on site hotels (I still don’t class Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch as on site even if Disneyland Paris do, as it’s further from the resort than all the off…

  • Things To Consider When Booking a Trip to Disneyland Paris...Especially One Over a Year Away
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    Things To Consider When Booking a Trip to Disneyland Paris

    As I have mentioned previously in my blog, in 2018 we won’t be going to Disneyland Paris. Once again I’d like to emphasise that this is our decision, some based on circumstance and some on a change in priorities. Going to Disneyland Paris is a luxury, at least it is for us, so I am not looking for and don’t want any sympathy – save that for the people in this world that actually need it. However, I’ve had lots of different talks with my son over the past few months,…

  • Has Disneyland Paris Finally Struck Gold With Their Two Pronged Attack?
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    Has Disneyland Paris Finally Struck Gold With Their Two Pronged Attack?

    If you go back 10 or so years you’d see a number of themes celebrated year by year in Disneyland Paris. There was the New Generation Festival in 2010/2011, celebrating new characters and films such as the Pixar crew and Ratatouille. The year previous to that was Mickey’s Magical Party, possibly tied in to the 80th birthday of Mickey Mouse (which was actually the year before), and so on. More recently we’ve seen seasonal celebrations, here the traditional Christmas and Halloween were joined by Swing Into Spring and Frozen Summer Fun.…

  • Big Thunder Mountain in Disneyland Paris
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    It’s Official – Big Thunder Mountain is my Favourite Ride in Disneyland Paris

    It was whilst compiling a list of my 10 favourite rides/attractions in Disneyland Paris for my personal blog Steve’s Room, something that I still plan on completing, that the dilemma of which ride is number 1 came up. On pure instinct, I’d say Pirates of the Caribbean, as that’s been my favourite ride since I first visited Disneyland Paris in 2002, and in fact was the favourite of the handful of attractions I experienced during my day trip to Tokyo Disneyland the year previous. After the big refurbishment of Pirates of…