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Disneyland Paris Photo of the Day: September 10th 2011 – Who stole Sleeping Beauty’s Castle?

When we went to Disneyland Paris in October 2006 it was our first experience of the Halloween season and we were bowled over by all the decorations, and especially Halloweenland, which is why it’s so sad to hear the rumour that Halloweenland will not be present this year. However, when we woke up on the morning of our last day there was thick fog, which meant we could stand at one end of the donkey trail at Hotel Cheyenne and not be able to see the other end. That was nothing compared to what met us in Disneyland Park.

Where is Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland Paris?

Standing in Discoveryland, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was completely obscured by the fog. It felt very surreal to be standing so close to the tallest and most iconic building in Disneyland Paris and not be able to see it. The resort took on a different feel in the fog as Phantom Manor took creepy to new levels Disney Village couldn’t be seen from the other side of Lake Disney – very different from the blue skies I was talking about earlier today.