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Attraction Posters Coming to Disneyland Paris with The Art of Disney on Demand

If I had to count the number of times I’ve mentioned on this website, on the podcast or on videos, that I want Disneyland Paris to sell attraction posters, well let’s just say that I’d run out of fingers and toes. Today was the second day of the What’s New What’s Next event, that started yesterday with the news of the huge refurbishments that are planned and ongoing. Once again, the updates from this event came from magicforum and Designing Disney.

The Art of Disney on Demand

Okay, let’s not tease this out any longer. One of the most exciting things that has come out of the last two days is what has been called The Art of Disney on Demand. This is a service that allows you to choose from the 200 pieces of Disney art on offer, and buy it to have delivered to your home. This includes, but is not limited to, original poster artwork of the Disneyland Paris attractions. This service is currently located in the Disney Gallery shop in Disney Village, which makes sense. This photo from DesigningDisney shows The Art of Disney on Demand, with some examples of artwork you can order.

The Art of Disney on Demand in Disneyland Paris
The Art of Disney on Demand in Disneyland Paris

After years of wanting, you can now have Pirates of the Caribbean and Phantom Manor posters on the walls of your home. Just let that sink in for moment, and imagine your lounge wall, with posters of your favourite attractions adorning them. Not just paper either, this photo from magicforum is of the Phantom Manor poster artwork on canvas.

Phantom Manor Canvas from The Art of Disney on Demand in Disneyland Paris
Phantom Manor Canvas from The Art of Disney on Demand in Disneyland Paris

Shipping takes up to 3 weeks and for a 70cm x 100cm paper poster it cost you €52,99, which converts today to £44.41. Even though that includes shipping, that’s quite a lot for a poster, especially when you consider the moderate cost, and having to wait possibly 3 weeks to actually have it. That said, I can finally now have authentic Disneyland Paris attraction posters on my wall. Not sure I’ll be buying them by the wall-full, but I daresay a few will have to be purchased.

Here is a video of The Art of Disney on Demand presentation, taken by Mr Disneyland Paris Video dlrpfans:


I did ask, but the service is only available in the resort, though an online service would be very easy to set up, and potentially very lucrative. Keeping it on the resort does give you another to visit though, which is the aim of all these new developments. I can imagine there will be lots of orders from friends of people visiting, and that’s just me!

Disneyland Paris Pins

This isn’t a huge update, but word from the event is that pins are selling very well in Disneyland Paris and the answer to my question is yes, they will be continuing the fantastic range of attraction pins. In fact DLP Town Square went one better and directed me to a photo of the planned pins that we will see released at a later date.

Attraction Pins in Disneyland Paris
Attraction Pins in Disneyland Paris

I have said before, and I still proclaim that this set of pins are the best that have ever been produced for Disneyland Paris. That Pirates of the Caribbean pin is an absolute must, but the Summer 2014 at the top of the poster has me scared I may have a long time to wait.

This a very positive sign for the merchandise in Disneyland Paris and Régis Alart (last year’s ambassador and now overseeing collectibles in the resort) apparently said that hopes to do a Discoveryland art series some day. He has found a Nine-Eye (from Le Visionaroum) drawing in Da Vinci style he hopes to use. You can put me down for a copy of that book and I’m sure I won’t be alone, as the classic Discoveryland imagery is something that gets talked about extremely favorably online.

With the Hotel development news yesterday and this fantastic merchandise news today, it certainly looks like Disneyland Paris is doing what is both best for the resort and what the fans have requested. That’s not always an easy combination to achieve, so hats off to everyone involved.

The Tarzan Encounter

As my parting shot I’d like to profess my utter glee that it has also been announced that The Tarzan Encounter will be returning. We don’t know when, but it is returning to The Chaparral Theater and apparently will be bigger and better. Being my favourite Disneyland Paris show of all time I’m not even sure that’s possible, but book me a seat in the front row for it’s first show back.

Did I say that was my parting shot? There’s also this…

Dedicated to DLP is 3!