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Disneyland Paris Pins for December 2011 – More Star Wars Pins

Unlike this month when the pins weren’t released until the 6th, the Disneyland Paris December 2011 pins have been announced already, and here they are:

Disneyland Paris December 2011 pins

There aren’t many pins being released this month, just 4, and 3 of those are Star Wars pins that are out this Saturday, December 3rd. Few though they are in quantity, all of the Star Wars pins are great. I especially like Pete as Boba Fett, as we very rarely see Pete featured on a pin. Donald always looks great As Darth Maul and Goofy as C-3PO is, well, interesting! I’d love all three of those pins.

The 4th pin is a Happy New Year for 2012 Castle pin with the 3 fairies from Sleeping Beauty and is a nice enough pin, though nothing ground breaking. It’s a limited to just 600 pieces so you may find that hard to find after December 17th when it comes out.

The rest of the pin flyer is made up of what is being called a Pin-Doll Party which takes place on Saturday December 17th in the Hotel New York Convention Centre. The following might shed some light on what will be going on.

Disneyland Paris Christmas Pin-Doll Party

It would appear that they are releasing, or have already released, a set of pins that feature Disneyland Paris and Disney characters in the style of Russian Dolls, as pins. I don’t remember seeing any character dolls in the parks when I was there 3 weeks ago but I could well have missed them. Or maybe this is a range of merchandise that is planned to be introduced on the future at some point, though they are a little similar to Vinylmations that are already sold, and have their own range of pins on sale.

I’m still yet to hear from anyone who has been to one of these pin trading events, so if you have, then please get in touch and let me know what happens.