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Disney Parks merchandise comes to Disneyland Paris

For years Disneyland Paris has had its own merchandise, separate to the merchandise that is seen in other Disney parks. Now these would seem pretty obvious for things that are branded with Disneyland Paris on them like t-shirts. However, for simple plushes of characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck it would appear that Disneyland Paris are now using the same merchandise as can be seen in other Disney parks. This certainly makes sense from an economies of scale perspective, and as you can see from the photo below from @insideDLParis, the quality of the Disney Parks plush is far superior to the Disneyland Paris example.

Disneyland Paris Disney Parks Donald Duck Plush

However, the thing I do object to, and it may seem minor to you, is the Disney Parks tag. I don’t like the fact that the tag is now generic and no longer represents Disneyland Paris alone. I’m one of those people that keeps the tags on as much of my Disneyland Paris merchandise as is possible, without spoiling the look. I agree the quality of the plush is better but please give us back the Disneyland Paris tags and leave us with the illusion that it’s a special Disneyland Paris product. My very quick and rough Photoshop edit gives a much more pleasing result, at least to me:

Disneyland Paris Disney Parks Donald Duck Plush with DLP Tag

I really do believe that the little touch of having a Disneyland Paris tag makes all the difference and it feels like I’m looking at a plush that is from Disneyland Paris and not one that can be bought elsewhere too. Is it just me or is anyone else sad to see the Disneyland Paris tags going?