• Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Varsity Jacket
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    Bring On The Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Merchandise – My Top 5

    We have had a few bits of merchandise teased on both the official Disneyland Paris My Sparkling 25 videos and also on a variety of social media channels. Well just this morning the shops in Disneyland Paris had their shelves filled with many many items of Disneyland Paris 25th Merchandise, and the fab @ED92live took photos and shared them on their Twitter account. For a lot of fans the new merchandise range is a huge part of any new season or celebration in Disneyland Paris, myself included, so here are my…

  • Disneyland Paris Pins February 2017 - Beauty and the Beast, Parisienne Minnie & Star Wars
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    Disneyland Paris Pins February 2017 – Beauty and the Beast, Parisienne Minnie & Star Wars

    With all the talk and excitement of the 25th Anniversary I’d almost forgotten about new Disneyland Paris pins, but here they are, in abundance for February 2017. Thanks to a timely high definition file landing on my inbox today, we can look a bit closer at each weeks releases. Disneyland Paris Pins February 4th 2017 A modest offering this coming Saturday, but only because there are lots arriving in the shops of Disneyland Paris next Saturday and the Saturday after that too. We have a Star Wars Tsum Tsum pin showing…

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    Disneyland Paris Pins for May 2016: Star Wars, Chesh, Fish and other animals!

    Just a few hours ago I was looking at the pins I have bought over the last couple of years that haven’t made their way into my pin bag, and now the May releases for Disneyland Paris are out and I want more to leave in piles around the house. Star Wars Pins Let’s cut to the chase, I want all 4 of the Star Wars pins, released on May 4th, Star Wars Day of course. I particularly like the X-Wing Pilot pin, and at just 600 pieces each it’s very…

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    Disneyland Paris Merchandise: Ratatouille Limited Edition Print Available on Disney Store Website

    If there is one series of Disneyland Paris merchandise that has stood out over the past few years, it’s the reproductions of the murals in the World of Disney Store, which I believe there are six of. Co-host of the podcast Mark bought all of them, and they look mighty fine on his wall. Now a new print of a similar size has been made available on the Disney Store Website, to celebrate the opening of Ratatouille: The Adventure and the Place de Rémy area. I know it’s not obviously a…

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    Disney Parks merchandise comes to Disneyland Paris

    For years Disneyland Paris has had its own merchandise, separate to the merchandise that is seen in other Disney parks. Now these would seem pretty obvious for things that are branded with Disneyland Paris on them like t-shirts. However, for simple plushes of characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck it would appear that Disneyland Paris are now using the same merchandise as can be seen in other Disney parks. This certainly makes sense from an economies of scale perspective, and as you can see from the photo below from @insideDLParis,…

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    What colour do you associate with Disneyland Paris?

    That may sound like a strange question but as I have been looking at designs for the new Dedicated to DLP website (I have registered dedicatedtodlp.com so the website can have a proper permanent home which gives more freedom to change things) I have tended to look for blue layouts. I struck me that when I think of Disneyland Paris, I think of the colour blue. This morning I started to think about why that was, I mean pink would be understandable as it’s the colour of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and…