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Disneyland Paris Photo of the Day: 12th October 2011 – Belle’s Village & Christmas Campaign

If I told you that this photo came from anyone other than @InsideDLParis, would you even believe me? Not wanting to break with tradition, this photo from earlier today was indeed taken by @InsideDLParis, who has agreed to do an interview for this very blog, when I get round to sending the questions that is.

Belle's Village in Disneyland Paris

I remember back in November 2002 we bought a small Tigger snow globe from one of the huts in Belle’s Village and I’m pretty sure that one year there was a little machine that played a puppet show when you pressed the button, or it could have just jumped into action at regular intervals, I forget.

I can’t believe the Christmas season is almost upon us. I know it’s been thrust upon us in supermarkets for weeks now but it only seems yesterday that we were discussing Halloween in Disneyland Paris and what it had in store for us. Do not fear we’ve still got plenty of the Halloween season left, including the big day itself.

My wife and I honeymooned in Disneyland Paris in December 2003 and instead of little huts near Lake Disney there were Bavarian styled huts in the area just near the entrance to Disney Village, at the other end to where they are these days. Back then they contained a great array of gifts, crafts and foods, as well as producing a fantastically quaint and cosy Christmas atmosphere. It’s not quite the same where they are currently located but I’m sure there must be reasons why they moved – maybe it’s do with health and safety, they rain on everyone’s parades.

We still have the hand crafted incense burner which is in the shape of a Red Indian. The incense cone sits under his bum (!) and burns away with the smoke coming out of his mouth – I’ll add a photo when I get the opportunity.

You can tell Christmas is only around the corner as I received this from Disneyland Paris this morning:

Christmas Email from Disneyland Paris

Great artwork as always and no characters from Mickey and Friends or Pixar. As much as I like those characters it’s nice to see a campaign just featuring characters from the Disney Classics film range, with a particular emphasis on Alice in Wonderland it would seem.

So Christmas is coming, only 73 days to go!