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Disneyland Paris Featured on the X-Factor

I don’t watch the X-Factor but if you follow Disneyland Paris on any social media platform you’ll have been hard pushed to miss the chatter about the contestants visiting and performing there this week. I’m watching it right now and what is quite strange is hearing them not once say Disneyland Paris. They say Disneyland and Paris, but never together. I can only assume that saying Disneyland Paris would constitute some form of advertising that would not be allowed. An update to this very statement is that on the Xtra Factor show, which I also recorded last night, they have just said Disneyland Paris. Obviously only on the main show it wasn’t allowed.

That aside, the footage they show of the Castle Stage looks amazing. I saw this set up when I visited last weekend and assumed it was just there as part of the Christmas festivities, but I saw a few days ago that the special decorations have actually been taken down now. This is what it looked like a few days before the contestants arrived:

The Castle Stage in Disneyland Paris Ready for the X-Factor

We’ve seen shows on the Castle Stage before but not at night, with lasers soaring through the air and live acts performing, it looks so different. This has to be the catalyst for some plans to have more regular entertainment of this type. Imagine some kind of Disney themed live music show followed by Dreams! – that would be incredible.

You can see the show on ITV Player here and YouTube user skippyste85 has uploaded some videos of the performances and here is who I am told is the most controversial of the bunch, Rylan Clark:


I’m obviously biased, being a huge Disneyland Paris aficionado, but anyone watching the footage from the park must have been even a little tempted to find out some more. The timing couldn’t be better with the Christmas season adding an extra layer of magic to an already extraordinary holiday destination. Credit has to go to the people who organised this as Disneyland Paris just got showcased to the biggest television audience in the UK and it looked great. Don’t think it was a quick phone call and then they jumped on a train, this was 6 months in the planning. It certainly showed Disneyland Paris in a better light than when it was featured on Holiday Showdown a few years ago.