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20 Questions with a Disneyland Paris Fan – Chloé Roskam

1. When did you first visit Disneyland Paris?
In 1996; I was 2 years old. So I don’t remember much from the trip…

2. How many times have you been in total?
This year marks my 20th visit to the parks.

3. What’s your first memory of Disneyland Paris?
The first memory is having dinner at the Videopolis and my dad tripping on the stairs and fries flying everywhere. And hearing Dancin’ a Catchy Rhythm makes me well up as well.

4. What’s your favourite attraction and why?
I love the themeing on Phantom Manor and Tower of Terror; but my favourite is probably Crush’s Coaster. I love it because it’s a ride everyone in my family can go on… It’s a coaster; but because it doesn’t flip over it’s perfect for my nan too.

5. Where do you stay when you visit Disneyland Paris?
For the past 6 or so years we’ve stayed at Hotel New York; before that we used to stay at Newport Bay.

6. Where’s your favourite place to eat?
I love Anette’s; because it really fits in the with the theme park-kind of food. Burgers, sliders, dogs, etc. But in a really cool setting.

7. What you do first when you get to Disneyland Paris?
Have a morning coffee and cake at Starbucks.

8. Pins, Vinylmations or neither?
I used to collect pins when I was kid, but not anymore. I’m all about the snowglobes now. 🙂 And stuffed animals.

9. Do you want to see the Captain Jack Sparrow brought to the Disneyland Paris Pirates of the Caribbean like they have in Walt Disney World and Disneyland?
Honestly, it’s nice to have it in America because it fits with the spirit of the parks. Hollywood-ian atmosphere is right for Walt Disney World and Disneyland, but for EuroDisney the real magic lies in its authenticity. And I think it should stay that way.

10. Is there anything in Disneyland Paris you have never done that still would like to do?
Go there with my boyfriend. Especially because I always visit during Christmas season; and you see all these happy couples. It kind of makes you wonder…

Chloé in Disneyland Paris

11. Before you do you plan yours days or just see what happens when you are there?
I never plan anything ahead. Having gone 19 times, I know the park inside and out. I know where to go at what time and so on, I just look at my watch and decide on the spot.

12. What piece of music or song do you most associate with Disneyland Paris and why?
Dancin’ a Catchy Rhythm, because it makes me melancholic to the past. And Chante, c’est Noël because it gives me the proper Christmas feelings.

13. If you had to make someone a fan of Disneyland Paris by showing them 5 attractions/buildings/shows – what would they be?
Hotel New York, Rock and Roller Coaster, the parks during Christmas season, Tower of Terror and Moteurs! Action.

14. If you could add one new attraction to Disneyland Paris what would it be and where would you put it?
I’d love to see something like California Soarin’ at the parks; but set in Paris and other big cities in Europe.

15. If you could spend one night anywhere in Disneyland Paris, except the hotels, where would it be?
In the Robinson Treehouse.

16. Are you planning to visit Disneyland Paris during the 20th Anniversary Celebrations, if so when?
November 13th – 16th! (Chloé has just come back!)

17. If you could be a Cast Member for a day in Disneyland Paris, where would you work?
I’d love to be at the Big Thunder Mountain. “Combien de personnes, s’il vous plaît?” – “Cinq?” – “Alors, numéro 1 jusqu’au 3 s’il vous plaît…”

18. Is there anything you dislike about Disneyland Paris or would change?
I dislike the slow “quick service” restaurants. No one really works fast at the parks… It’s frustrating sometimes.

19. What’s your single greatest memory of Disneyland Paris?
Just the memory of my parents together before the divorce. And my dad actually enjoying time at the parks. Now it feels like he thinks I’m too old for it.

20. In no more than 20 words I love Disneyland Paris because…
Because it’s magic, it’s pure magic that makes me feel really small again.

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