20 Questions with a Disneyland Paris Fan

Featured Fans

Lizi Howard
Holly Miles
Becky Lord
Daniel Davies
Gina Read
Kirsty Beckwith
Katie D’Arcy
Kizzy Quigley
Naomi Clarke
Jasmijn van der Kleijn
Nikki van Zoom
Jonathan Broomfield
Becca Peck
Matt Bateman
Tim Tassignon
Dominik Lohmar
Nikola Stverak
Emily Holgate
Nick Marsden
Chloé Roskam
Christopher Cooper
Alexandra Osigus-Olejnik
Rob Tolley
Alessia Soregaroli
Yolanda Bernárdez
Stacey Brady
Sven Popeiler

To be a featured fan in 20 Questions with a Disneyland Paris Fan, just email your answers to the following questions, along with a photo of yourself in Disneyland Paris or your favourite photo that you have taken in Disneyland paris, to dlp@dedicatedtodlp.com. Also include your website address or twitter name if you want a plug.

1. When did you first visit Disneyland Paris?

2. How many times have you been in total?

3. What’s your first memory of Disneyland Paris?

4. What’s your favourite attraction and why?

5. Where do you stay when you visit Disneyland Paris?

6. Where’s your favourite place to eat?

7. What you do first when you get to Disneyland Paris?

8. Pins, Vinylmations or neither?

9. Do you want to see the Captain Jack Sparrow brought to the Disneyland Paris Pirates of the Caribbean like they have in Walt Disney World and Disneyland?

10. Is there anything in Disneyland Paris you have never done that still would like to do?

11. Before you go do you plan yours days or just see what happens when you are there?

12. What piece of music or song do you most associate with Disneyland Paris and why?

13. If you had to make someone a fan of Disneyland Paris by showing them 5 attractions/buildings/shows – what would they be?

14. If you could add one new attraction to Disneyland Paris what would it be and where would you put it?

15. If you could spend one night anywhere in Disneyland Paris, except the hotels, where would it be?

16. Are you planning to visit Disneyland Paris when Ratatouille: the Ride opens?

17. If you could be a Cast Member for a day in Disneyland Paris, where would you work?

18. Is there anything you dislike about Disneyland Paris or would change?

19. What’s your single greatest memory of Disneyland Paris?

20. In no more than 20 words I love Disneyland Paris because…

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