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Welcome to Disneyland Paris Tom Wolber and Goodbye and Good Luck Philippe Gas

Today, 15th September 2014, saw Tom Wolber takeover as CEO of Disneyland Paris, and with this came a little video presentation which sees Tom discussing how his career started in Paris, and about his family.


On episode 42 of the podcast we asked people to send in things they both liked about Disneyland Paris and things you’d like to see change. The idea is that we will put all of this together in a letter which we will do our best to get to Tom. You can still do that, just send an email to and we will keep your email anonymous if you’d like. You don’t have to have likes and dislike, it could be anything at all about the resort that you want to convey to Tom, as the new man in charge.

As for previous CEO Philippe Gas, he’s off to take control of Shanghai Disneyland, and to him I goodbye and good luck. It’s hard to know what any one man is directly responsible for, and for what Philippe should be personally credited, or blamed for. We do know that under his leadership the following landmark events happened in Disneyland Paris:

  • 17 August 2010 – Toy Story Playland opened in Walt Disney Studios
  • 24th November 2010 – Villages Nature project with Center Parcs announced
  • 1st June 2011 – Earl of Sandwich opened in Disney Village
  • 6th October 2011 – Princess Pavilion opened in Fantasyland
  • 1st April 2012 – Disney Dreams! debuted in Fantasyland
  • 12th April 2012 – Disneyland Paris celebrated it’s 20th Anniversary with, among other things, the new Disney Magic on Parade
  • 16th May 2012 – Meet Mickey Mouse opened in Fantasyland
  • 12th July 2012 – World of Disney opened in Disney Village
  • 28th February 2014 – LEGO Store opens in Disney Village
  • 10th July 2014 – Ratatouille: The Adventure, Bistrot Chez Rémy and Place de Rémy opened in Walt Disney Studios

That list paints a rosy picture of new attractions and stores in Disneyland Paris, but also in that time we saw shows almost all but disappear in the resort. Food quality has dipped in places, and we are still awaiting the menu overhauls that were announced some time ago. However, we have seen some huge refurbishment projects, as Main Street, U.S.A. looked spectacular for the 20th Anniversary and the hotels are currently undergoing huge improvements one by one. There’s also been the introduction if the seasons in Disneyland Paris, which is a marked improvement on marketing led celebrations such as the New Generation Festival.

Going forward we are all expecting big things from the 25th Anniversary, and are hoping rumours like the opening of Star Wars II come to fruition, as well as other attraction improvements along the way too. Tom Wolber, the ball is now in your court, show us what you can do.