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The Christmas Cavalcade in Disneyland Paris

This is how Disneyland Paris describe the Christmas Cavalcade: Watch as gifts come to life and Santa’s elves scramble after escaped toy soldiers, dolls and dancing aeroplane. Now here come Mickey and his Disney® friends, all in this exciting new happening! and more recently we got this: All new cavalcade with toys coming to life set to a special Christmas version of Magic Everywhere. I’m already excited at the prospect of hearing a festive version of Magic Everywhere, which also brings up the question of whether this will also replace Chante c’est Noel for Disney Magic on Parade? I’d be happy with either to be honest. While Chante c’est Noel is one of the most iconic and enduring songs in Disneyland Paris, it has been around for rather a long time, so it might be nice to change things up for this 2012 Christmas season.

As we are just two days away from the November 9th soft opening of Christmas 2012, Disneyland Paris have released some artwork to publicise the new Christmas Cavalcade, and here it is: – remember to click the image for a bigger version.

The Christmas Cavalcade in Disneyland Paris

As always Disneyland Paris have produced a glorious piece of artwork which can’t help but get anyone excited about the prospect of seeing this all new Christmas Cavalcade. From the artwork it looks like it will be a good mix of traditional, almost Nutcracker inspired, toy dancers and Disney favourites such as the characters from Toy Story. The last float looks like the one they use for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony and just like for that occasion, will feature Mickey and friends.

It’s a shame there will be no Mickey’s Winter Wonderland in The Chaparral Theater this year, but based on this image and the promise of a Christmas Magic Everywhere, I’m liking the new stuff that’s being introduced for 2012. I think the Christmas Cavalcade could turn out to be one of the highlights of my visit this weekend.