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Disney’s Enchanted Christmas 2012, Disneyland Paris: Frontierland at Night

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend Disney’s Enchanted Christmas, which was one of the most magical weekends I have ever spent in Disneyland Paris. It’s been a very busy few days with little rest, and I have so many videos, photos, interviews and experiences to share with you. To fully do it justice I must recharge my batteries and get my beauty sleep 😉

However, I couldn’t wait any longer to share a couple of photos I took on Saturday night while the park was closed to all but those with a special pass. This gave me the opportunity to take a fire off a few shots from Boot Hill next to Phantom Manor, looking across the rest of Frontierland, with nobody else around. I was in a bit of a rush as I wasn’t sure when some other people may stray into shot, plus I have only used the camera once before. I know, lots of excuses, but in spite of all that I’m pretty pleased with the way they turned out. They look better on a computer screen, so put your phone done and go do that now, if you can! As always, click to enlarge.

Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland Paris at Night

Before you ask, yes I did finally ride Big Thunder Mountain, but that’s another post for another time. I’ve always thought as an attraction it is almost unparalleled in how it looks at night, and I love the mix of colours and shadows.

Molly Brown, Disneyland Paris at Night

The splendour of the Molly Brown lit up at night is undeniable, but what I really love about this photo is Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in the far right corner at the top. Even as we look across Frontierland the majesty of the Castle makes it’s presence known.

This is just the tip of the iceberg so expect a lot of updates over the coming weeks. This is the fifth time I’ve visited Disneyland Paris during the Christmas season, and though I had some doubts before I arrived, I have left feeling the festive celebrations have been taken to a new level.