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Is Disney’s PhotoPass coming to Disneyland Paris?

Over the last few weeks on Disneyland Paris forums we have all been speculating about Disney’s PhotoPass coming to Disneyland Paris. Thanks to an anonymous source who dropped something in my inbox I think it could be a reality. Apologies for the small size of the graphic but it’s all I have right now.


This is an official piece of Disneyland Paris produced artwork and to my mind it’s been made to promote Disney’s PhotoPass. For those of you that don’t know, Disney’s PhotoPass allows guests to have photos taken all around the resort by official photographers, to whom you give a card to scan each time they take a photo. You can then visit on site photography centres or online when you get back home, where you can order prints or digital versions of the photos taken. This is great news as it means the whole family can be in lots more photos than they probably usually are. That’s very true for us as it’s usually either my wife or myself with our son, but rarely the three of us together.

We haven’t heard anything from Disneyland Paris to confirm or deny this, but I think the evidence is making it look like Disney’s PhotoPass will be introduced to Disneyland Paris.