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2010 DIS Forum Disneyland Paris Awards Results: Best Land/Area in Walt Disney Studios

2010 DIS Forum Disneyland Paris AwardsWINNER
Toy Story Playland (50%)

Toy Story Playland in Disneyland Paris

2nd Toon Studio (27%)
3rd Backlot (14%)
4th Disney Studio 1 (9%)

Sorry, but I don’t agree. There’s no doubt that Toy Story Playland is a dynamic addition to Walt Disney Studios, but best land/area in Walt Disney Studios? Surely not. I’ve no doubt the rides are fun, for some, but visually it doesn’t hold a candle to the amazing Studio 1 which is an area that I believe is very under-utilised, especially in the evenings. When they have the bands playing Studio 1 is absolutely glorious and a nice contrast to the character driven areas we see in most of the resort.

The addition of Tower of Terror makes Production Courtyard a front runner too, but it didn’t get one single vote! That shocks me as it looks great and has the best thrill ride in Disneyland Paris, as voted for in these very awards.

Maybe I’m concentrating too much on aesthetics and not enough of attraction experiences, but to my mind the visuals are as important, maybe even more so.