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How do attraction closures at Disneyland Paris affect your holiday plans?

I was thinking about something the other day when reading that It’s A Small World is closed from 7th to 18th November. My little boy is obsessed with It’s A Small World and has been singing the song daily since we last visited in September 2010. The thought of being in Disneyland Paris and having to tell him that It’s A Small World is closed mortifies me, and I’d hate to see the look on his face when confronted with that news. For me personally I can’t imagine a trip to Disneyland Paris without being able to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, and it’s probably the only ride whose closure would affect me so strongly that I’d go as far as saying it would ruin my holiday. Ok, maybe ruin is a bit too strong, but it would certainly have a negative impact on my stay.

It’s A Small World in Disneyland Paris

I wonder if it’s because I don’t like thrill rides and therefore don’t have as many big rides to look forward to, that a Pirates of the Caribbean closure would have so much impact? Do other people have their holidays affected so much by the closure of one attraction, regardless of how many they look forward to experiencing? I adore Phantom Manor and would be really disappointed not to be able to ride those great Doom Buggies, but it’s a loss I could just about handle, unlike missing out on Pirates of the Caribbean.

I can honestly say, that if Pirates of the Caribbean were to be closed during my planned visit to Disneyland Paris, I’d do everything possible to re-schedule my holiday, as long as the cost wasn’t too high. I say cost because I would actually pay any admin charges or cancellation fees that came with changing holiday and travel plans. Don’t believe me? Well you’re reading the words of someone who, along with his wife, postponed his wedding by a week back in 2003 just so that our honeymoon in Disneyland Paris would be during the full Christmas Season which doesn’t commence until early December. If not for those Christmas season dates we’d celebrate our anniversary every year on November 29th, not December 6th.

My question to you, is would you or have you indeed already, change holiday plans for Disneyland Paris because of attraction closures or season dates? Also, which attractions do you look forward to so much when you visit Disneyland Paris that their closures would make you re-schedule? I’d also love to hear from you if you think I’m bonkers and you’d never change your dates no matter what was closed.