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    7 Live Action Disney Films To Watch Before You Visit DLP

    Whether you are heading to Disneyland Paris for a day or for a week, a little preparation can really boost your visit’s enjoyment level. One great way to get ready is by watching films connected with the two parks.  It is a fun way to build up anticipation as you wait for the big day to arrive, and when you get there, you will have some backstory and points of reference to help you better appreciate the attractions. It’s pretty easy to find lists of Disney animated classics to watch before…

  • Big Thunder Mountain in Disneyland Paris
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    It’s Official – Big Thunder Mountain is my Favourite Ride in Disneyland Paris

    It was whilst compiling a list of my 10 favourite rides/attractions in Disneyland Paris for my personal blog Steve’s Room, something that I still plan on completing, that the dilemma of which ride is number 1 came up. On pure instinct, I’d say Pirates of the Caribbean, as that’s been my favourite ride since I first visited Disneyland Paris in 2002, and in fact was the favourite of the handful of attractions I experienced during my day trip to Tokyo Disneyland the year previous. After the big refurbishment of Pirates of…

  • Captain Jack in Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland Paris
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    Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Review: Pirates of the Caribbean – Refurbished and Improved

    I did it, I managed to avoid all spoilers for what changes had been made to Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland Paris before seeing it with my own eyes. Well, I knew Captain Jack would be in there somewhere as that has been a not so secret plan for some years now. But that aside, staying away from social media and not opening emails titled Pirates of the Caribbean Reopens July 24th from Disneyland Paris communications was certainly the way to go! It was just 6 days ago that I…

  • Top 10 Things To Look Forward to at Disneyland Paris this Summer
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    Top 10 Things To Look Forward to at Disneyland Paris this Summer

    10) Big Thunder Mountain This is a maybe at the moment, as my son isn’t sure he wants to ride it. For years he was too small, then when he grew tall enough the ride went down for refurbishment for a year. Now it’s back up, some of the time, the nerves have kicked in and when I last asked him he wasn’t keen. He’s a bit like me, in that my last and only ride on Big Thunder Mountain was back in 2012 and whilst I wouldn’t call the experience…

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    2015 in Disneyland Paris – Captain Jack in Pirates of the Caribbean or Star Tours: The Adventures Continue?

    There are two rumours that have been doing the rounds for quite some time now, those being that Captain Jack will be added to Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Tours will be upgraded to the new version, possibly along with a whole area re-branding to Star Wars Land, in Discoveryland Disneyland Paris. Pirates of the Caribbean has just recently had some down time for refurbishment work, but no Captain Jack, unlike in the American parks where he has been there for some time. Keeping with the American parks, they had…