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Disneyland Paris Rumour: New Show Coming to Chaparral Theater in February 2016 – Will It Be Frozen 2.0?

It was just 2 weeks ago that I reported on the news of a brand new show coming to Chaparral Theater, but either @DisneylandBerry is tweeting to see how much I’ll write about, or he is on fire with the Disneyland Paris news this weekend. So, for the third time in 2 days, let’s see what he has to say…

This is way earlier than I was expecting, and considering the Frozen Sing-along runs into January, then I can only assume this new show will use the Frozen set. It took them months to turn the old Tarzan set into Frozen, and I can’t for one moment believe they will be able to change that in a month to something new, or that they’d even want to. So we have a show that either fits the winter snowy scene of Frozen, or it’s Frozen 2.0.

It could be that they built two sets at the same time, and in such a way that they would be easily interchangeable between shows, but that seems rather unlikely given how slowly show changes have happened in the Chaparral Theater over the years.

I don’t think this new show is the one referenced in the article from earlier in August, as not enough time has gone by to create this brand new show which was quoted as being a new kind of experience. So, using the Frozen set, if it’s not Frozen related, what would it be? Maybe a Mickey and Friends type show, like we used to have with Winter Wonderland, without the ice skating.

I’m baffled they’d even consider changing the Frozen Sing-along, given how popular it has been and how relevant the film and it’s characters still are. With that in mind, I’m thinking Frozen 2.0 is on the way – maybe some different songs, or a new story. That would actually be very clever – keep the centerpiece of what we now know has been a very successful Frozen Summer Fun season, and change it up from season to season to get people coming back for repeat visits. Maybe we get a different version from May to July, ready for the original Sing-along version to return next Summer.

There have been a few murmurings of the Frozen Sing-along moving to Walt Disney Studios, but I’ve not seen that come from the usual sources within Disneyland Paris yet. Lots of unknown variables that will be come clear in time, but while refurbishments and ride closures are a constant factor over the next 2 years, it does seem like Disneyland Paris are adding a lot more entertainment to make sure guests are still receiving a top notch experience.