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Disneyland Paris Restaurant Review: The Blue Lagoon

Pirates of the Caribbean is my favourite attraction in Disneyland Paris, a statement which will come as no surprise to any of you reading. My favourite restaurant? The Blue Lagoon, that’s the restaurant attached to Pirates of the Caribbean which thematically is as close to perfect as a restaurant can be. It’s a Caribbean beach side restaurant, next to the water where the actual boats from Pirates of the Caribbean float past. Let that sink in and tell me I’m wrong. You can’t.

Disneyland Paris Restaurant Review: The Blue Lagoon

So why haven’t I eaten there for 10 years? Because I’m fussy with my food, very fussy, and for the best part of a decade the menu didn’t appeal to me. It’s not a cheap restaurant, so I had to be sure I’d like the food, and this time round there were one, maybe two, even three if I asked them to change this and remove that, things on the menu I’d eat. I of course asked for a table near the water, as everyone does, but this was not possible, and so we were sat at the back, but on a platform so we could see across the whole restaurant and over to the water, watching the boats go by.

Sitting back in The Blue Lagoon was like coming home, it felt right, and a swathe of happiness swept over and engulfed me. How could I have let a little thing like the menu stop me from being in a place that gave me such an incredible feeling of contentment? Those palm trees, the banana leaf chairs, the moody lighting, and did I mention the Pirates of the Caribbean boats that saunter by?


I changed my mind repeatedly right up until the point when the waitress took our order, and went for a starter and main course from the Buccaneer Menu, at a cost of €31,99. Drinks would be extra, but only wanting an apple juice, that wasn’t going to break the bank. For my starter, I went for the Fish and shellfish soup, with curry bread and condiments. I’m not a soup person normally, but the alternatives contained coconut, pineapple and other such ingredients that make my stomach wince.

All I can say is, thank goodness for those offending foods, because that soup was absolutely delicious, and brimming with many different types of sea dwelling delicacies. I’m a fish lover so this was pretty perfect for me, and the curry bread made an interesting but tasty accomplishment. The condiments were a seasoned seafood dipping sauce for the bread and cheese, grated cheese. This seemed like an odd choice but when melted into the soup complimented the fishy broth fantastically. The excess cheese went on my son’s pasta – sharing is caring.

Disneyland Paris Restaurant Review: The Blue Lagoon - Fish and Shellfish Soup

The main course I was a bit unsure of. The Crayfish and scallop ravioli sounded wonderful, with every bit of that being something that made me salivate. The coconut curried vegetables and shellfish coulis on the other hand, not so much. The coulis was fine, but I don’t like coconut, so I figured I could just leave the vegetables. By the time the main course arrived, beautifully presented, I’d forgotten what the vegetable dish was, and on asking my wife who had the same as me, she couldn’t place the vegetables involved nor the flavour. Inspired by my surroundings I plucked up some courage and just tucked in, and much like my wife couldn’t tell you much about it, other than it was really nice. The ravioli was rich, sumptuous and along with the soup, affirmed The Blue Lagoon at the very top of my favourite restaurants in the world, where I’d assumed it still lay after all these years.

Disneyland Paris Restaurant Review: The Blue Lagoon - Crayfish and Scallop Ravioli

My wife had the Caribbean salad for starter but wasn’t keen on the mango vinaigrette, while our son had the Lumpfish roe and surimi salad for a starter. I’d have put money on him not even touching that, but as it came on the same Mickey shaped plate as his main course, he ate half and then mixed the other half in with his Penne vegetable bolognese main course, and ate the lot. We adults didn’t have a dessert, but my son tucked into the vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips that came as part of his meal. He was delighted that the chocolate chips turned out to be mini Smarties and between us we polished it off. Remember, sharing is caring!

Disneyland Paris Restaurant Review: The Blue Lagoon - Caribbean Salad

Disneyland Paris Restaurant Review: The Blue Lagoon - Lumpfish Salad and Penne Vegetable Bolognese

The whole dinning experience in The Blue Lagoon was sublime, from the atmosphere to the food to the great service and those boats! We ate in some great restaurants on this trip, more of which you will hear at a later date, but this was way ahead at the very top and one of my favourite meals ever. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back again, and would recommend it to anyone else as an absolute must. Though fish is a big theme on the menu, there are meat options too, and if my son is anything to go by, the kids options are great, too. Do yourself a favour – book a table to eat in The Blue Lagoon on your next visit to Disneyland Paris, you won’t regret it.