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Disneyland Paris Rumour: A new on site hotel coming – what should the theme be?

This latest tidbit has been broken by the folks at ED92 who today revealed plans for a new hotel, which is supposedly planned to be located opposite Hotel Santa Fe, the Cars themed hotel. The plans that are now public can be seen below:

Disneyland Paris Rumour: A on site new hotel coming - what should the theme be?

Disneyland Paris Rumour: A on site new hotel coming - what should the theme be?

Whether it will happen and when it will happen we will just have to wait and see, but my interest lies in what theme it will have. The project is nicknamed New Wave, which makes me think of A-Ha, Simple Minds, Blondie and many other music acts of the New Wave movement, and none of them remotely Disney. Probably best to look past that name as meaning anything and think of some more likely possibilities. Existing hotels were inspired from different parts of America, but the Disney characters seem to be the focus with these refurbishments, so I think the America theme continuity is probably less important these days.

Star Wars Hotel

Did you really expect me to suggest anything else as a first option? Now the surrounding area, and the theme of hotels Santa Fe, Cheyenne and Sequoia Lodge don’t really fit in with the space age and high tech metallic scenes we see a lot in the Star Wars, but don’t let that count it out. I’ll offer up Endor (home of the Ewoks), Kashyyyk (home of the Wookies – think Chewbacca) and Naboo (home of the Padme and the Gungens – think Jar Jar, go on) as just a few of the woodland worlds of Star Wars that would fit perfectly in this area of Disneyland Paris.

Hotel Santa Fe is as equally sandy as it is woody, so Tatooine (home of young Anakin and old Obi-Wan) could be another option, though it’s not really known for it’s lush and salubrious landscapes. Do I really think Disneyland Paris are set to build a Star Wars themed hotel? No, but they should do. Whilst whole Star Wars lands are being built in America, we do gave Star Tours: The Adventures Continue opening in 2017, but that’s not enough. Star Wars is a huge fandom with unparalleled loyalty. Having a hotel themed to their beloved franchise would surly increase the on site hotel guests and most likely bring guests to Disneyland Paris who wouldn’t have thought to come beforehand.

Frozen Hotel

This is in no way a joke at all, and for those of you rolling your eyes, given it’s massive and continued success, Frozen is hugely underrepresented in Disneyland Paris. A Hotel set in Arendelle would be an overnight success, and the only thing giving doubt to this suggestion is the value part. Unless we go more for the Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post style, then I’d imagine a Frozen hotel being quite luxurious. But then without that as an option, maybe offering a taste of Frozen at an affordable price is actually a very astute business move. Imagine how much fun it would be in the winter – it would become a snowy landscape, just like in the film!

Marvel Hotel

I’ll hold my hands up and admit I have no specific scenes from the Marvel worlds in mind, but come on, this is a brand almost on par with Star Wars, and whose longevity actually far surpasses it. We have Spider-Man meeting guests in Walt Disney Studios and a rumour of Marvel scenes coming to the Backstage Studio Tram Tour, but in an article that talks of underutilisation, the lack of Marvel in Disneyland Paris may be the biggest crime of them all. Is there any reason why we can’t go cityscape with an Avengers/Stark Tower style structure – variety is after all, the spice of life?

The theme could be something far more subtle, after all Sequoia Lodge has Bambi, and as much as it might be a much loved classic, it’s hardly making waves in 2016. No doubt more information will come to light if and when this project comes to fruition, but at the very least, this is a huge opportunity for Disneyland Paris too attract new people to the resort. Now, over to you – name your theme!