• Disneyland Paris News: Blue Lagoon to be Renamed Captain Jack's - Is That A Bad Thing?
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    Disneyland Paris News: Blue Lagoon to be Renamed Captain Jack’s – Is That A Bad Thing?

    Captain Jack’s – Le Restaurant des Pirates, to give it its full title. That’s the latest news that has been running amok today, after there has been conformation from Disneyland Paris themselves that when it reopens on July 24th that will indeed be its new name, following rumours of the name change earlier in the week. For the most part change in Disneyland Paris is met with derision, and by the same proportion of most, those changes are very quickly accepted when they go live in the Parks. There are exceptions…

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    Disneyland Paris Restaurant Review: The Blue Lagoon

    Pirates of the Caribbean is my favourite attraction in Disneyland Paris, a statement which will come as no surprise to any of you reading. My favourite restaurant? The Blue Lagoon, that’s the restaurant attached to Pirates of the Caribbean which thematically is as close to perfect as a restaurant can be. It’s a Caribbean beach side restaurant, next to the water where the actual boats from Pirates of the Caribbean float past. Let that sink in and tell me I’m wrong. You can’t. So why haven’t I eaten there for 10…

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    Where in Disneyland Paris would you live?

    This idea for a blog post came from a chat I was having with Manda from Manda’s Disney Blog on Twitter yesterday evening. She was trying to guess my accent from my appearance as guest host on episode 3 of the DLP Newscast and I ended up saying I am from Disneyland Paris! It went on from there and I said that my ideal place to live in Disneyland Paris would be The Blue Lagoon. It’s not just because it’s close to my favourite ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, but that…