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Disneyland Paris Pins For November 2016: Moana or Vaiana? Poppins, Frozen and Countdown

Yes, I know it’s now November 12th and this pin poster came out days ago, but my Halloween trip happened, then life and well, I’m late! But for completeness sake, as I’ve been posting about the monthly pins for any years, I will do a short catch up. So here, better late than never, are the Disneyland Paris pins for November 2017.

Disneyland Paris Pins For November 2016: Moana or Vaiana? Poppins, Frozen and Countdown

As a Brit, seeing Vaiana pins is a little confusing, as the film is known here, and most other countries outside of Europe as Moana. So while it’s nice that there are lots of pins coming out for the new film, and in the month when the lead character will be meetable in Walt Disney Studios I’m not keen on pins that have the wrong name on. Well then isn’t that lucky that they don’t, and in fact it’s just the packaging that displays the film name, and the lanyard card. I don’t imagine I’ll actually get any, unless I really love the film. and even then I’m more inclined to carry on collecting pins in the attraction series that seems to have ended before all attractions got a release – not that I’m bitter!

The UP pin is decent and the Mary Poppins pin is a little different, with the film quote as the biggest feature. Could this be a new series, and if so, which film quotes would you like to see immortalised in enamel? The Frozen pins are perfectly times for the Christmas season in Disneyland Paris which features a number of Frozen shows and spectacles, but at €14,99 each that’s a little pricey, even if they are limited edition. I have no idea who is in the Villains series pin and look, there is a Vaiana pin with the European spelling on, but limited to only 700 and maybe a collectors piece for those who know her as Moana?

I don’t understand the countdown pin at all. It’s a countdown to the 25th Anniversary which kicks off on March 26th 2017 and this comes out on November 26th. That’s a gap of 4 months, so where does the 1 comes from? Unless they are counting up to the 26th March, but that makes little sense and would NOT be a countDOWN. Very baffling, especially as the pin doesn’t even mention the 25th Anniversary, it’s just the writing on the poster next to it that does,

For me this is a really disappointing month of pin releases in Disneyland Paris, and even more so given I will be back there in 3 weeks. I’ll just have to hope for some great first weekend pin releases in December.