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Disneyland Paris Pins for August 2013 – A Whole Lot of Paris, A Princess, A Ranger & A Liar

First of all, apologies for the lack of updates – July was a very busy month but I hope to get things back on track with more posts, more videos and some very big news for the podcast. It’s pin time again as we see what Disneyland Paris has in store for us in August.

Disneyland Paris Pins for August 2013. A Whole Lot of Paris, A Princess, A Ranger & A Liar
Disneyland Paris Pins for August 2013. A Whole Lot of Paris, A Princess, A Ranger & A Liar

5 of the 10 pins released in August are from the Paris range, which if you remember from the pin releases in July, I’m not that keen on. That’s not changed, and in fact these have even less to do with Disneyland Paris and would really be more suited to the Disney Store in Paris. Why they have gone down this route and not continued the fantastic attraction pins, that we saw in the early months of 2013, is beyond me. The only saving grace is that one of them says Disneyland Paris and has 1992 on it, the year Disneyland Paris opened. However, Paris is written in that cute way the defines this range rather than using the font for the actual resort logo.

It’s quite strange that all 10 pins are releases on just 2 days, 8 this coming Saturday 3rd August, and the remaining 2 a fortnight later on the 17th. Joining the 5 Paris pins this Saturday is a Duffy pin, where he is wearing his entertainer outfit. I can only think that the moderate popularity of the character is made up for by the shopping habits of his fans, who must spend a lot on Duffy merchandise to warrant a steady succession of pins featuring said bear. There are also two Lone Ranger pins, which can’t have the kept the designers up at night. One of them could be for baseball fans too, because although the design is different to the team logo, Texas Rangers fans might like to wear that one for dual fandom purposes.

On Saturday 17th August we have the next in the Princess locket series, this time featuring Snow White. The last of this month’s releases is the second in the bad luck series, this time featuring Pinocchio and his newly acquired donkey tail. Of the 10 this is the only one I’d like to see in my collection.

For once there is no sold out pin event being advertised, instead there seems to be an open invitation pin trading day taking place at the Pueblo Trading Post in Frontierland on Saturday August 31st, which starts at 10am. If the Pocahontas logo on that advert is actually a pin that make that a second pin I’d like from August – dangly bits are always hard for me to resist!

A particularly uninspiring bunch or pin releases for Disneyland Paris in August, but great if unlike me you want some generic Disney Paris pins.