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2010 DIS Forum Disneyland Paris Awards Results: Best Disneyland Park Restaurant

Walt’s (42%)


2= Agrabah Cafe (8%)
2= Blue Lagoon (8%)
2= The Lucky Nugget Saloon (8%)
2= Plaza Gardens (8%)
6= Toad Hall (4%)
6= Cowboy Cookout Barbecue (4%)
6= Auberge de Cendrillon (4%)
6= Fuente del Oro (4%)
6= Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost (4%)
6= Silver Spur Steakhouse (4%)

I’ve only had a character breakfast at Walt’s and it was very very nice, but my favourite restaurant is Blue Lagoon. The ambience is better than any other restaurant I’ve ever been in, Disney and others. The food has always been fantastic, and as someone who likes fish and not red meat, Blue Lagoon excels for me. In particular I’ve had some fantastic swordfish and red snapper in particular. Watching the boats of Pirates of the Caribbean go by adds to the superb atmosphere, and combining my favourite restaurant with my favourite attraction makes it THE place to eat in Disneyland Park.