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Disneyland Paris Dinner At Home – Casey’s Corner Hot Dogs

If you’ve tried the hot dogs from Casey’s Corner then you’ll know how delicious they are, especially with that cheddar sauce smothered all over the sausage.

I’ve tried to re-enact the magic of Casey’s a few times over the years but I’m usually stopped in my tracks by the lack of availability of the cheddar sauce, or squeeze cheese as it is sold here in the UK. For some reason it’s regarded as BBQ food and therefore is only sold in the summer. As such I have only been able to get some just recently, and have been starved of Casey’s Corner style hot dogs for months!

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not the most complex of meals, but done right and you are transported right back to Main St. USA and a feeling of being that little bit closer to Disneyland Paris, which let’s face it, is the dream of mine and everyone reading this. The ingredients are just a few: rolls, hot dog sausages, squeeze cheese and ketchup.

All you need for a hot dog

With everything ready it’s then as easy as cooking the hot dog sausages, heating the squeeze cheese and putting it all in a roll with ketchup. Tonight’s first effort came out like this:

Casey’s Corner style hot dog

You may think I’m quite mad, but I really did get a taste of Casey’s Corner and Disneyland Paris when I started eating that scrumptious hot dog. The second one looked better and tasted just as yummy:

Hot dog number 2

By the time I’d eaten those two I was quite full up so had the 3rd one without the roll, and on the plate it looks like a Mickey Mouse Sausage!

Mickey Mouse Sausage

I’m full up now, unsurprisingly! Anyone else tried Casey’s Corner hot dogs at home, or any other Disneyland Resort Paris dinners? To find out about the history of Casey’s Corner hen head over to Designing Disney and read the excellent article about the best hot dog pace on earth!