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2010 DIS Forum Disneyland Paris Awards Results: Best Hotel Restaurant

Inventions at Disneyland Hotel (29%)

Inventions in Disneyland Paris

2= California Grill at Disneyland Hotel (18%)
2= Chuck Wagon Cafe at Hotel Cheyenne (18%)
4= Hnter’s Grill at Sequoia Lodge (12%)
4= La Catina at Hotel Santa Fe (12%)
6= Cape Cod at Newport Bay Club (6%)
6= Manhattan Restaurant at Hotel New York (6%)

While I have not eaten in all the hotel restaurants I have eaten in quite a few and agree 100% that Inventions is the best, not only for food but also for character interaction. It’s not cheap at €59 for adults and €29 for children but if you have a bit (or a lot) of spare cash then it’s dining experience not to be missed.