Disneyland Paris Halloween 2014: Sunflower Mickey Replaces Pumpkin Mickey

Just yesterday I talked in this article about how the giant pumpkin Mickey which graced the Castle Stage last year, wasn’t there for the 2014 season. Well the Halloween decorating fairies were out last night, and thanks to InsideDLParis for taking the photo, this is what we now have instead:

Disneyland Paris Halloween 2014: Sunflower Mickey Replaces Pumpkin Mickey

Disneyland Paris Halloween 2014: Sunflower Mickey Replaces Pumpkin Mickey

That’s quite a different visual from last year’s pumpkin Mickey, as seen in this photo from OOPARC:

Disneyland Paris Halloween 2013: Pumpkin Mickey

Disneyland Paris Halloween 2013: Pumpkin Mickey

Apparently space issues are the reason it has changed, and while some have challenged the place of sunflowers in Autumn, they do grow grow at that time of year, in more tropical climates. Okay, so maybe a colder Paris climate is not suitable for sunflowers, but then the Castle Stage is in Fantasyland where anything is possible. After all there’s a giant beanstalk on the other side of the Castle! The sunflowers of Halloween can also be found in Frontierland, which with it’s Nevada area inspirations has more than enough heat during September and October to sustain sunflower growth.

Practicalities aside, it’s an intriguing choice and very brave to take away the almost iconic looking Mickey Mouse Pumpkin. With the giant Daisy in Spring it seems Disneyland Paris have gone a bit mad for their over sized flowers in 2014. It doesn’t scream Halloween, and to be honest it doesn’t really yell Harvest either, so a bit of an odd choice to feature in such a prominent position. The centers of the three sunflowers look like speakers, so maybe that too is part of the decision to change it from the pumpkin.

Maybe more Halloween-esque decorations are yet to be added, but for now it certainly looks a little out of place as the centerpiece on Castle Stage, with Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background.

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8 Responses to “Disneyland Paris Halloween 2014: Sunflower Mickey Replaces Pumpkin Mickey”

  1. Sariah says:

    Is there something going on on the stage for the season? Part of the villains promenade or something? I didn’t remember reading that anywhere but why else would they have “space issues”…?

    Keep up the awesome posts! 🙂

    • Steve says:

      Thank you, and yes, you could be right. We are still unsure what the Promenade will be, and withe the sunflower having speakers, it would seem they have some kind of entertainment in mind.

  2. Figgygirl says:

    I’m thinking the same as Sariah. The Spring Promenade was so successful and popular, that using Castle Stage in the same way during the Villains Promenade makes sense to me. It looks very much like the stage during Welcome to Spring, with sunflower instead of daisy, so I am hopeful we will see a show here. The huge pumpkin would detract from a show on the stage, as well as taking up too much space.
    Compare the two! Very similar layout.
    Diva Clarabelle Cow led the show on the stage during Spring Promenade, so could we see another Character featuring in one here during Halloween season? Or am I hoping for too much?


  3. Jane says:

    I thought/hoped the same thing as wanted a great reason for the Mickey Pumpkin not being used. I asked @InsideDLParis on twitter and it is because the stage is being used but only for the Halloween Party on Oct 31st. Shame really, will miss the Mickey Pumpkin, asked if I could borrow him to decorate my house but don’t think I’m allowed! 🙂

    • Figgygirl says:

      Well, that is a shame. It worked really well for Spring Promenade, so they could easily have done the same for Halloween season. Maybe not enough performers and Characters available as there were loads in the Spring Promenade. One of the best Events I have seen in DLP over 22 years – it really blew me away.

      • Steve says:

        I really need to experience Spring next year – planning to get an AP for my Christmas visit, and so I can then visit all the subsequent seasons, with any luck!

    • Steve says:

      That would be awesome – they should sell replicas for people to take home!

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