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Looking at the Official Making Making of Disney Dreams! at Disneyland Paris

So yesterday Disneyland Paris shared their Making of Disney Dreams! at Disneyland Paris video which you can all watch right here:


It’s always nice to get a look behind the scenes of anything that goes on inside the parks, and if there’s one thing this video screamed, it’s the need for a proper full length programme about Dreams! We got a few snippets of information and it’s always good to hear from the imagineers involved and their thought process and journey, but we only really scraped the surface. Disneyland Paris really need to release a DVD in the same vein as the 20 Years of Dreams book and give us a proper look behind the scenes, with more footage of imagineer interviews. They must have realised by now that there is a huge community of Disney fans who want to know more, and we’re all just waiting to spend our money on such projects. We also had the show on Channel 5 some time ago, which was great, but we want more, and in fact I’d love to have that very show as part of a DVD, with more up to date footage and interviews.

It’s interesting to note that the video, although it only came out yesterday, covers the first incarnation of Dreams! as we see nothing from the new Lion King and Brave scenes. However, it also shows nothing of the two replaced scenes, those being Jungle Book and Mary Poppins. This is a video that could easily have been released a year ago, and maybe it was as it seems very similar to the previous making Of video they released some time ago?

The thing that most fascinated me was the 8 foot scale model of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Los Angeles that they projected working samples of Dreams! onto as they were producing the show. I’d love to see the full Dreams! show projected onto that scale model and see how it compares to the actual version. I wonder if they added any of the other effects or it was just the video mapping? Maybe this could lead to the ultimate piece of Disneyland Paris merchandise: a model of the Castle with projector and film to have your own show at home. The price tag may have too many zeros on the end to be feasible.

I thank Disneyland Paris for sharing this video, but I’d like them to be more timely, or updated, and longer. Though from a marketing stand point I understand why they are releasing now – to get some social media buzz for the not so hyped Extended 20th Anniversary season. Let’s hope that they are already planning some fantastic Ratatouille videos.

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