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Videos of the New Brave & Lion King Scenes from Dreams! in Disneyland Paris

Thanks to @DlrpExpress for posting these great videos of the new scenes in Dreams! replacing the Jungle Book and Mary Poppins scenes.

Let’s start with The Lion King:


So what do you think? The Lion King is one of the best Disney films of the past few decades and just the start of I Just Can’t Wait To Be King had me smiling, and from the sounds of the people around the person recording the video, the crowds responded well too. However, I don’t think the video mapping is anything that special until we move into Hakuna Matata and the waterfalls, before that the castle is just used as a basic projection screen.

Now, on to Brave…


Though not a fan of Brave myself, just seconds into this clip and already the castle video mapping seems leagues ahead of The Lion King scene, with Merida galloping onwards and the fast flowing scenes on the castle giving the effect of rapid movement. The arrow firing effect is very good at around the 26 second mark and there’s even a hidden Mickey as the face of the bear starts to appear. The bagpipes look sensational and make fantastic use if the castle and it’s turrets, with the added delight of seeing Peter Pan dancing to some highland tunes! I love the visual of the big eye looking through the castle entrance and the scene at the end between Merida and her bear form Mother finishes the Brave segment off really well.

I never in a million years would have guessed that my next trip to Disneyland Paris would have me looking forward to seeing the Brave scene more than The Lion King scene, but that’s how I feel. You can’t judge properly from YouTube clips, but if I do, then the Brave scene looks far superior in imagination, magic, use of all the elements and wow factor. The Lion King scene is a poor addition for me, crowd pleasing music and characters aside.