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New Version of Dreams! Without Water Screens Tested in Disneyland Paris

Just a few days ago on June 6th, a new version of Dreams! was uploaded to YouTube. The big difference was no water screens, and those parts that are usually projected onto the water screens were instead shown on the Castle itself. See for yourself here:


This test was done to have something in place for occasions when there are technical problems with the water screens, and presumably that will include days when extreme weather such as high winds affects the screens. Having watched the video, I don’t think it takes away from the performance, and I was pleased to see that the water fountains remained as part of this amazing night time spectacular. Reading responses from people online some have even said they even prefer it like this, saying that the water screens often produced blurred images that were hard to see.

Update: Thanks to @DCentralPlaza for letting me know that this version has always been there, and ready to be used in case of technical difficulties with the water screens. I guess they’ve either not used it much before or it’s just escaped the digital grapevine when it has been shown in place of the regular version of Dreams!

It’s strange that this wasn’t done last year, but good that Disneyland Paris are doing everything they can to make sure Dreams! will be running no matter what mother nature throws their way. It’s still unknown as to when Dreams! will be running after the 20th Anniversary Extended season ends on September 30th, only that people should contact Disneyland Paris for more information. If anyone has heard anything about the schedule then please leave a comment.

So my question to you, from this video, how do you think the change from water screens to castle projections affects the show, if at all?