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Disneyland Paris Rumour: Tarzan Coming Back to The Chaparral Theater, and He’s Bringing Merida

It seems Disneyland Paris rumours are coming thick and fast these days, with a lot on the grapevine about upcoming shows and attraction changes. Not too long ago, in fact less than a fortnight, we got details of the new show coming to The Chaparrel Theater which would include Pocahontas, Rapunzel & Flynn Rider. Let’s add to that, with this latest tweet from @DisneylandBerry:

So that’s 5 big characters that will be a part of this show, and probably more that are yet to be announced or rumoured. When The Tarzan Encounter left Frontierland a few years ago I was really disappointed, and wondered if what came next would be anywhere near as good. Well that question got answered with the fantastic Frozen sing-along show that debuted as part of Frozen Summer Fun, and will return for the 2015 Christmas season. This wasn’t just a copy of the sing-along show they had in the US, it is better in every way, and has wowed guests all summer. Plus there’s Merida too, one of the most popular Disney Princesses of the past few years and one who attracts long lines at meet and greets in Disneyland Paris.

The obvious conclusion fans have been jumping to, myself included, is that Mickey and the Magical Map or Mickey and the Wondrous Book are on their way to Disneyland Paris, though I still believe they are more suited to the Animagique theatre. What I do think, and especially after Disneyland Paris Show Director Christophe Leclercq said the new show would be a new kind of experience, is that we will be getting an evolution of one of those shows, that’s if we don’t get something completely original.

There has been much talk on social media recently about the various areas and attractions that will be closed for refurbishment next year, but on the positive side, excited reactions to rumours like this have me certain Disneyland Paris are set to give guests an unforgettable experience, closures or not. Of course we’ll only know if that optimism is warranted when all this goes down and we can experience Disneyland Paris at that time. Stage shows are something we fans have been missing for years, and now we have two, running in alternate seasons, and this one just keeps getting better, if rumours are to be believed.