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Disneyland Paris Pins for September 2011

Thanks to a busy summer I completely missed the August 2011 pins! If anyone saved the information graphic then please send it my way, thanks. Without further ado, here are the September 2011 pins.

September 2011 Disneyland Paris Pins

As a huge Star Wars fans I’m immediately drawn to the Star Wars lanyard and pins, which are obviously to tie in with the September release of the Star Wars films on Blu-ray. I like that the lanyard set pins are classic trilogy characters as the focus these days seems to be a little too much on the prequels, and more recently The Clone Wars, in most of the Star Wars merchandising. As for the Star Wars / Disney character pins – who can ever get bored of these creations?

I like Stitch but these Stitch pins don’t do a great deal for me, nor does the Chip and Dale (Tic and Tac over on Disneyland Paris) pin. There’s nothing specifically wrong with them, they just don’t elicit much of a reaction either way from me. On the whole I think the releases for September are a lot better than previous months and I have a renewed hope for future releases.