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Disneyland Paris Pins for April 2013 – Princess Overload, Phantom and Riverboat

To say there are some Princess pins released in Disneyland Paris in April would be somewhat of an understatement.

Disneyland Paris Pins for April 2013
Disneyland Paris Pins for April 2013

In a new development for Disneyland Paris, the pin poster for April 2013 was actually tweeted by the official Disneyland Paris Twitter account on Thursday 28th, and you can see that very tweet here:


This is great for people like who are forever checking to see if the pin page on the Disneyland Paris website has been updated or to see if someone has posted it on the Disneyland Paris pin trading Facebook group. I just have to make sure I’m keeping an eye on their Twitter account a few days before the first of each month.

On to the April releases, and as the post title suggests, it’s a Princess pin takeover for April, with 2 standalone pins and 2 booster sets featuring 4 Princess pins each. There’s also a Princess lanyard starter set that comes with 4 Princess pins, and that makes a mind boggling 14 Princess pins being released in Disneyland Paris in April. There’s also a second Princess lanyard if you need another! None of them are really for me but I did read a scary statistic about the amount of money spent on Disney Princess merchandise across the world each year, so I can see why they are releasing so many. Another way to look at it, is maybe they are getting all their Princess releases out of the way now!

The fantastic attraction pin series continues with one of the Riverboats from Frontierland and a very classic looking Phantom Manor, complete with bats. I really wish I’d started collecting this series – is it too late now I wonder?

There are two other pins released in April, the first on Friday April 12th which is one celebrating 20 years since the 1st birthday of Disneyland Paris and is of the castle decorated just like it was back in 1993. It’s a little odd of Disneyland Paris to be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the 1st Anniversary and not just calling it the 21st Anniversary, but why not? I guess this plays into the whole Extended 20th Anniversary celebrations that run until September 30th. That pin can only be bought in the Pueblo Trading Post in Frontierland which is the place for all serious on traders in Disneyland Paris. The other pin is a rainbow pin, presumably in support of gay and lesbian rights, is released on April 27th. It’s a pretty straightforward Mickey head rainbow design, but one that I can imagine will be appealing to many.

A great month of pin releases in Disneyland Paris if you like Princesses, not so much if you don’t. The 1993-2013 pin is really nice and the attraction pins continue to impress, but other than that there’s not much to offer for us non Princess pin fans.