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Disneyland Paris News: LEGO Store To Open This Friday, February 28th…Hopefully!

These are the tweets from Disneyland Paris that went out earlier today:

The troubled LEGO Store is finally going to open, at least that’s the intention anyway. A shop that has been plagued by a collapsed ceiling, regulation hurdles and other untold problems is at last set to open its doors to resort guests. Now we will just have to wait for some photos so that we know what it looks like and what will be sold.

Yes, I know there will be LEGO, even I can work that out. But in spite of no exclusive Disney sets being sold in other resorts around the world, I still live in hope that our LEGO Store in Disneyland Paris will lead the way, and have some sets that I can’t buy in my local LEGO Store. I’ll also be interested to see what the prices are like, and whether they will be much more expensive than buying LEGO back home. Aside from things like non exclusive Vinylmations and Disney Treasures, there are few things sold in Disneyland Paris that are available outside the resort, so Disneyland Paris can set the prices as high as they like.

When the LEGO Store does open this Friday, and fingers crossed it does, that leaves the way clear for one of the other shops to receive a much needed makeover. The old Disney Store seems primed for transformation, given that World of Disney makes it somewhat obsolete these days. I personally would love to see it turned into something that offers some form of entertainment, as there is very little of that once the parks have closed. It could be combined with a new restaurant offering an alternative to the burgers and pizzas available elsewhere in Disney Village.

All joking aside, I’m really glad this day has come. Let the LEGO Store have a problem free first day and add much needed excitement to Disney Village.