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Disneyland Paris Les Artisans du Rêve DVD (The Dream Makers)

Today Disneyland Paris announced on their official twitter that a new DVD would be coming out on November 7th of this year. The title of the DVD is Disneyland Paris: Les Artisans du Rêve, which translates to English as The Dream Makers. A title which ties in very nicely with the Dreams! show that debuted in Disneyland Paris this year to universal praise.

Disneyland Paris: Les Artisans du Rêve DVD

The description of the DVD on, as translated by Google is as follows:

Welcome to one of the most famous theme parks in the world. Let us guide you within a country and its regions, its people, its customs and landscapes. Here they are called “lands”: Frontierland, Adventurland, Fantasyland … But there is a “land” secret that visitors never see: Backstage, Behind the scenes, the scenes where 14,500 people work to “transform the dream into reality.” This “land” secret camera director Dominique Lenglart has penetrated a journey of 52 minutes on the other side of the mirror…

The DVD will be available in French stores but will NOT be available to order from Disneyland Paris themselves. I’ve been onto and you can see the DVD here. It has a price set at 9,99€ which seems very reasonable. As someone resident in the UK I can buy this DVD but it will cost me £10.02 for the DVD and £6 for the postage, bringing the total to £16.02. Using this converts to 20,28€. That’s not cheap for a 52 minute DVD but maybe there will be extra content that is not included in that 52 minutes running time.

Disneyland Paris have said that English subtitles may be available so if you like the look of this DVD and would like to see those subtitles then I suggest you tell them, after all if they see a demand for English then that could make a difference when the decision of whether or not to add subtitles. Tweet them, email them or leave a comment here and we’ll pass on all your requests fr English subtitles. I for one would like this DVD with English subtitles as official Disneyland Paris DVDs are few and far between, and not since the Les magie des parades électriques Disney documentary on the 2004 Entrez dans la Magie release will have as much behind the scenes footage on DVD.