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Disneyland Paris 10 Things To Know Before You Go 2014 Update

If you stay on site in Disneyland Paris you will have a channel on your in room television that features the lovely Sophie and her 10 Things To Know Before You Go show. This is a highlight for me and for a long time I have tried to track Sophie down for either an interview or guest slot on the podcast, to no avail. If anyone out there can put me in touch with Sophie, please email Anyway, back on point and we have an updated version of this visual guide of the resort, which features no new on screen footage of Sophie, but she does do voice over work for attractions such as Ratatouille: L’Attraction.


Things I learned whilst recording this: 1) Zooming in a bit closer would have been good, and 2) my camera has a limit on how long it can record – can you spot the split where the two parts meet? Other than that, it’s always great to see Sophie, with her boundless enthusiasm and unique presenting style. I can only hope that one day we get to see an updated version with more on screen time for Sophie, and maybe an interview for yours truly.