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At Last We Have a PhotoPass Photographer at the Castle in Disneyland Paris – Use Them, Praise Them, Keep Them

For years we fans of Disneyland Paris wanted official photographers around the resort to take our photo in iconic locations, like Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Park and The Partners Statue in Walt Disney Studios. PhotoPass+ came along and this was actually mentioned in the initial information release that went around, but never materialised. Then a couple of months ago a PhotoPass+ photographer was spotted in front of the Castle, and no, they weren’t lost – they were actually there to take photos of guests!

Fast forward to the present and the PhotoPass+ photographers are still present, but now they even have a sign so people know to look for them and can have their photo taken. So now you can have yourself in the photo of travelling solo or the whole family, or group of friends in the photo, without having to ask a stranger to take the photo as many don’t like doing, or breaking Disneyland Paris rules and using a selfie stick to get a lower quality and badly composed shot.

There’s even a special man made hedge to sit on or lean against, which in winter is covered in artificial snow. Now we just to need to make sure guests make use of this service so that it stays, and then hopefully gets rolled out to other parts of the resort too. How can we make that happen? Well, getting your photo taken is step 1, and believe me it is worth it as these are professional photographers who will have you looking fantastic with the stunning Sleeping Beauty Castle behind you. Step 2 is to let Disneyland Paris know how much we appreciate them being there and what a great job they are doing. This can be done at City hall when you are there, or via email or social media when you are back home.

This is what so many guests have been after for so long, let’s make sure they stick around. If we use this service and let Disneyland Paris know how much we value it, we may one day get to the same level as the photography packages in the American parks, where you can quite easily come home with hundreds, even thousands of photos of characters, rides and locations around the Parks. I applaud Disneyland Paris for at last making this happen, now it’s up to us to make sure it stays.